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Barcode Scanners have been a part of successful businesses for as long as we can remember. They’re a perfect tool for maintaining accurate inventory and timely capture of the barcodes at the cash counter majorly for retail and hospitality industries. These scanners have effectively replaced antiquated armies of inventory control clerks with their clipboards and pens, retail clerks who held up lines till they searched for item prices and supply chain managers who ordered supplies based on guesstimates of on-hand stock.

Let’s find out why barcode scanners are needed to streamline day-to-day business operations:

Trim Down the Errors

Barcode Scanners discards transcription and recognition errors. It is believed that while you are manually entering data through a keyboard, you generate ten errors for every one thousand keystrokes. However, barcode scanning will only make one of such error for every ten thousand scans.

Enhance Productivity 

A barcode system brings down personnel overhead expenses and reduces training time as well. Barcode Scanners, for instance, allows you to immediately implement changes to product pricing which would take hours if done manually. 

Administer Assets

Barcodes play a decisive role in any robust asset management and theft deterrence system. If implemented and appropriately managed, barcode scanners can be the base for advanced security and asset tracking across many industries. 

Business Intelligence

The data entered through a barcode scanner can help in decision making for planning. Barcode scanner helps the staff to plan the inventory management well in advance. With the assistance of a barcode scanner, your personnel can access the data that shows them the right quantity of each product available in the retail store. 

Cost Benefits 

Barcode Scanning system quickly prevents you from severe incidents.

The National Institute of Health, for example, examined a case of a hospital pharmacy that introduced a barcode-based inventory management system into operation. After the launch of the barcode scanner system, the management realized that most medicines were sold to the patients without being recorded into the system. The study determined that there would have been 517 potential errors annually if the pharmacy didn’t use barcoding.


Usage of barcode scanners is progressively increasing in this competitive market. Most of these scanners can read black and white stripes barcodes. The combination of the numbers and letters represents an item’s unique identifying attribute. Barcode Scanners capture this data, wherein it either decodes barcode internally or sends to an external decoder. There are quite a lot of barcode scanners available in the market at affordable prices. However, Honeywell Barcode Scanner is known to be one of the most popular example of a modern age scanners. This scanner acquires, and processes data in almost the same manner, a light source that imparts from the scanner on to the barcode captures an image which is ultimately translated into electronic data by the photoconductor. The decoder then interprets the data into a selected language and sends it to the scanner’s output port.

A barcode scanner gradually puts your business at the forefront of industry technology. If you are looking for dynamic barcode scanners, Wish A POS stocks an extensive range of barcode scanners at the most reasonable rates and for delivery across Australia. Feel free to speak to our customer care representatives to inquire about the product you’re interested in or for delivery.


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