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Barcodes have helped businesses connect with customers as well as merchants while they are on the cash counter paying money. The entire process is calculated correctly by a scanners that makes the entire payment process much more convenient than a manual one.

In 1987, handheld barcode scanner came into the picture and became quite popular in supermarket cashiers. Most scanners are used with the optical resolution of 200dpi. Some high-end products like CCD – a light sensing device, which can achieve accurate colour and a good scanning effect.

Honeywell Voyager 1250g Handheld Laser Scanner is a scanner for retail POS system, which provides quick scanning service, minimizing queues at the cash counter. Scanning barcodes with this scanner is simple, convenient and reduces the entire process of maintain sales and inventory record. It helps merchants develop a secured payment channel to meet different customer needs while significantly improving the quality of service. Some of the features of this scanner are listed below-

  • Excellent screen reading ability to quickly read the barcodes even at the minimum brightness
  • Provides seamless integration with all cashier POS system
  • Ensures fast-paced cashier work
  • Works on low power consumption, consequently reducing operating power consumption that further extends equipment life and working hours.

Merchants can easily enjoy the benefits of having a barcode scanner which is devoted to meet the ever-growing demands of customers. Let’s look at industries where you can use a barcode scanner to amplify your business operations:

Barcode Scanners For Medical Identification

At present, doctors and patients are disputing against the misdiagnosis of medicines by hospitals. Mostly, the patient is wrongly dosed or drugged due to the similar sounding names of the medications, the symptoms they target may be completely different. A handheld barcode scanner could be an aid for the medical industry to solve such issues.

Medical barcodes are said to be unique to avoid using the wrong drugs. These drugs contain the national drug number, duration, and batch number, where it is necessary that the barcode must be printed on the package of the smallest unit of use.

For preventing medical accidents and improving drug administration, the industry needs a scanner that can identify data and transmit it accurately. Handheld scanners using industry leading sensing image sensors, lighting and optical technology, automatic induction and finish the barcode, paper, screen printing barcode, or even wear, folds or partially damaged barcode interpretation precision.

Wish A POS stocks wireless barcode scanners that transmit data from the distance of up to 100 meters. This eradicates the use of traditional scanners using cables. These are more suitable for medical, supermarkets, retail, manufacturing, mobile coupon tickets, mobile payment barcode scanning, etc. Designed with PC fire protection material, this scanner is not safe to use but also comes with incomparable aesthetics.

Barcode Scanners for automatic identification

Barcode scanners are categorized into 1D and 2D. The former one is divided into red CCD scanning and laser scanning, whereas the latter is mainly used for decoding images.  The 2D kind of barcode scanner can read both 1D and 2D barcodes, but the 1D scanner can only scan 1D barcodes.

These scanners are widely used in areas such as commercial POS cash register systems, express warehousing logistics, book clothing and medicine, and bank insurance communications. Various interfaces like Keyboard interface, USB interface, and RS232 interface are available to connect with the POS system. Scanners are being used for ages to automatically identify the products information like manufacturing date, expiry date, and other information.

Barcode Scanner for Warehousing and Production Line

The application of barcode scanners are not limited to supermarkets and cashiers; in fact, they can be used for manufacturing and warehousing industries. Industrial QR code scanners are capable of reading barcodes that are in a terrible condition, which is why they are perfect for warehouse management. They provide strong support for warehouse management, manufacturing, and assembly lines. These scanners have the following characteristics –

Reliable and durable structural design

This scanners can withhold repeated drops from a height of 1.8 meters to the ground

Quick reading ability 

It can scan the barcodes with a density of more than three miles in 50 milliseconds at the earliest.

Low power design compatible

Designed with low power consumption, these scanners can really help you minimize connection problems caused by USB drive capability of the host computer or excessive voltage requirements of the access device. This eventually enhances device compatibility.

Humanized lighting & focusing design

The white and soft lighting without flash that is clear and precise crosses the laser focusing system produces a visual image continuously in the high-intensity working conditions that  significantly improves work efficiency.

Powerful data editing function

The device can pre-set data before uploading to the host computer. All you need to do is complete the data input in a specified format, which can help you edit the data according to your requirement.

Fast Self-inductive scanning

Built around infrared technology, these scanners can help in sensing object distance up to 40cm and fast self-inductive scanning within 100 milliseconds.

Wish A POS has a number of Handheld Barcode Scanners that can help you automate identification system integration in your business. Boast this technology to enhance the business operations to further  increase the efficiency and productivity of the workers.


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