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For example – Suppose there’s a product on our website (say Nike shoe), for which we have uploaded only 1 image on our website, and now if a customer comes to our website, and clicks on that this product, so will Cloudinary be able to search for images of this product online and populate on this product’s page? So that the customer will be able to see multiple images for the same product.

Could you please suggest how that can be possible with Cloudinary?

What Are The Differences Between Thermal And Impact Receipt Printers?

There are some crucial distinctions between Thermal and Impact Receipt Printers while both the printers do the same job – printing receipts. However, the most significant difference is the way that they print.

Impact Printers are also known as Dot Matrix Printers, and it is more of a traditional variety. They have a print head covered in precisely placed pins. Work in combination with an ink ribbon through a series of tiny dots to form letters. These printers can print graphics and can print in two colors- black and red.

Whereas, thermal printers produce high-quality prints at a fast pace with minimal noise. These printers don’t use ink and toner, instead uses a thermal head in conjunction with thermal paper. Thermal paper is especially thermally coated so it can become responsive to heat. They print documents when the heat-generating thermal head makes contact with the heat-sensitive paper. They also offer multicolor and double-sided printing.

Which Type Of Printer Is Best?

It always depends on how and where you plan to use it. Impact printers are reliable but noisier than thermal printers. However, they are slower but a better choice for use in a kitchen. Since the thermal paper is sensitive to heat, so the performance of these printers suffers when exposed to the high temperatures and humidity levels of a kitchen.

Although, if you need to print out customer receipts and card transaction slips, a thermal printer might be the right choice. In contrast to dot matrix printers, thermal printers have a fast output, at up to 20 lines per second and are considerably quieter.

Also, be concerned about whether you need single, two-color, or multicolor printing and single or double-sided capabilities. You can also opt for green or eco-conscious printers and receipt polls which results in monetary savings for long.

Before you make a purchase, check the printer’s interface to match with your computer system and enough spare ports to accommodate them. Also, you need to ensure the compatibility of your POS system.

What Costs Might You Incur?

As far as cost is concerned, impact printers are more budget-friendly. These are tending to be less expensive per unit. Maintenance costs are likely to be higher for impact printers. On a regular basis, it’s necessary to buy ink and toner whereas thermal printers don’t use ink and toner.

Thermal printers have a few moving or replaceable parts than dot matrix printers, so require less maintenance. But if something goes wrong with a thermal printer, you will need to replace the whole unit.

What Are The Most Notable Brands?

There is a gamut of brands manufacturing thermal and impact receipt printers. Regardless of your budget, there are many high-quality models available like – Star Micronics, Epson, Citizen, and Zebra. These are among the top brands for all kinds of receipt printers. Some of these are simple and robust, with the primary features, while others offer double-sided printing and grayscale graphics printing.

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