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How many times have you been disappointed with the mounting solution that you received complimentary with your monitor? Many a times, a lot of us have ended up being stuck with the most basic mount for our extra ordinary monitor, this could be your expensive television or a POS monitor for your retail store. The mounts that come complimentary with your device often do the most basic job, holding up the device on your desk. These mounts usually fail to deliver dynamic viewing options or ergonomics. Very rarely will you find monitors that are equipped with a good mounting solution, this mostly happens for devices that are exceptionally expensive. The only option that people go for is buying an additional sturdy Monitor Mount to set their device perfectly. Let’s look at options that you can explore before buying a mount:

Check the Compatibility of the Mount

In order to buy a mount, it is important to make sure that your device is VESA compatible. The only way you can install a third party mount to your device is if it’s VESA compatible. The devices that support other mounts usually come with standard mounting holes that are drilled in the back, in a steel frame that makes it easy for any mount to be installed. Monitors that are not very expensive or are smaller in size, don’t generally support third-party mounts because they’re not VESA compatible. Bigger monitors which are on the higher end are typically well suited with these mounts.

Is your monitor heavy weight?

These mounts are a perfect match for mounts that are heavy in weight and require sturdy arrangement to be set up on the desk for a longer period. If you are looking for a permanent solution for your monitor, this is an ideal option to go with. Installation of these mounts is carried out by drilling a hole in the desk and securing the mount and the device. This may not be the best option for people who are continually changing the location of their device, however, best for people who are looking for a permanent solution to set up their device. These mounts have worked wonders for people who are looking to set up heavy duty monitors or dual monitors on a single stand, without taking any space whatsoever. Some people go to the extent of multiplying the number of monitors to triple and even quadrupled through this mount. The set up for a single mounts is lesser but keeps increasing with addition of more monitors.

Do you have a limited budget for your mount?

If you are looking for a substitute of the mount that came complimentary with your device, while your budget is tight, this probably the best option to go for. With an absolutely easy to install procedure, you can simply fix your monitor from the top on your desk and enjoy a lot more space than before. Unlike standard mounts, these Monitor Mounts allow you to move the monitor, rotate it and even change the setting from landscape to portrait or vice versa. In addition, you can also enjoy the freedom of adjusting the height of the monitor as per your needs. If you add on a little more to your budget, your freestanding mount can help manage the cables.

Are you looking to maximise the space on your desk?

A lot of us are always looking for that extra space on our desks that we can make use of. Most of the space on our desk is taken away by the monitor and its mount. Desk Mounts are one of the best options to immediately give way to a lot of space on your desk. These mounts simply attach to the arm of the desk, with almost no installation procedure at all. Desks that outspreads a little beyond the legs are well suited to these mounts, most modern age desks do. All you need is a screwdriver to install the mount and you’re good to go.

Looking for options to set up multiple monitors

The options for setting up multiple monitors can be few, especially if you require adding more than 2 monitors at a single point. Dual monitor set up is quite common but finding the right mount for more than two can be challenging. Wall mounts are not advisable for setting up more than a single device, a freestanding mount that is heavy quality are common but may not be the best option. Pole mounts are one the best option to go with when setting up three or more monitors. Saving up a little while buying a mount in this case is not advisable because you may end up risking your monitors. While you buy a durable mount for your device, don’t forget to take into account the sturdiness and quality of the product. Choose the best mount from Wish A POS at guaranteed prices, delivery can be availed all across Australia. Reach out to us on our customer care number or mail us to enquire about product delivery and enquiry.

Do you need a mount for a professional set up?

Wall Mounts are the most popular mounts available in the market these days. For people, who are exploring options for an extremely slick look on their desk with a clear desk space should consider buying this mount. These kind of Monitor Mounts are frequently used by people who require setting up their device in a permanent location. Having features of a television mount, these mounts are one of the most affordable and commonly found mounts available the market currently. Advanced models of wall mounts allows panning, tilting and rotating of the device. These mounts work well for people who want to install a single monitor/device and in a permanent location.

Type of Stands to Suit Your Needs

With a countless options available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the right mount for your monitor. Calculate the things that you are expecting from your mount and make a decision based on that. Normally, you will find five options to choose from. Take a look:


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