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Getting a repeat business is subject to offering exceptional customer service in this increasingly saturated market.

Customer service is not only about product selection. How you manage your interactions with customers is also important. From the second your customers walk into the store to the moment they leave, every step counts. It eventually shapes their experience, be it positive or negative.

Although the checkout counter usually gets lesser attention, it plays a significant role in point-of-sale system. However, if you want to retain your customer base, checkout process must be impressive. It sums up their whole experience and thus, matters the most.

If you want to make a lasting impression at checkout, the Star receipt printers can be one of the point-of-sale systems part, which is the best to bank upon.

In this post, we are highlighting five ways in which you can create a lasting impression at the checkout. Have a look –

1. Organizing your point-of-sale

Where exactly do you place your point-of-sale system? Is the system placed with signage? Is the system clearly identifiable by customers? Is there always a person close by to help? These are the most important things worth consideration. You should work on these if you have a lot of floor space.

For instance, imagine that the customers are wandering around the store searching for seemingly hidden checkouts, or dealing with queues at the checkout. This will usually lead to frustration and turn them against the store.

Make sure you use the best point-of-sale system that is clearly visible by your customers.

Retailers can also turn their checkout counter into a work of art in several ways. Also, incorporating attractive designs can make point-of-sale stand out in the entire store.

Lastly, you can bring in Star TSP650II to process sales, without any hassle. This receipt printer helps ease the in-store congestion that makes it tough for other customers to buy products.

2. Getting personal

Inconsistency in customer services and personal interactions can be mundane and turn off customers.

For instance, if you and your staff are delivering repeated statements, like ‘Hi, how is your day going?’ or ‘Thanks, come again!’, your brand won’t make a lasting impression on customers. This approach is tedious, especially if customers are greeted the exact same way every time they visit.

You need to try tailoring your direct conversation with the customer. Try to ask if they have approached your brand ever before. Ask questions that they enjoy and are likely to answer. Also, make sure you show that you are genuinely interested in them. Moreover, eye contact and smiling are the small gestures that will go a long way towards personalizing your interactions.

That way, if employee-to-customer arrangement gets boring and repetitive, direct customer interaction allows you to connect with them. This is a small change that takes little extra time but has a significant impact on your customer’s perceptions.

Most customers will be pleasantly surprised with your action as you are giving them a level of service they are not expecting. Also, your customer service will linger in their minds for long.

3. Offering premium packaging

When a customer shops, it is the packaging of items that differentiates the premium store from a lower-end one.

Just imagine, if a staff member threw clothing unfolded into a generic plastic bag, what impression would you have? Such an action implies that they do not value their own goods.

You will need to make your customers feel that you are offering special attention to them. This is wherein premium packaging plays a central role in showing your customers that you value both their experience and your product.

Take some time off to package all your customers’ purchase wrapping in a good bag that will boost your customer’s brand perception.

According to Dotcom Distribution, 40% of customers are likely to repeat their purchase from a brand that uses premium packaging. Whereas, 50% say gift-like packaging would make customers more likely to recommend the brand to others.

You can simply build stronger customer loyalty by going the extra mile to enrich the appearance of their purchase.

4. Asking for feedback

Customers’ feedback is crucial as it helps you enhance your brand. Also, their feedback about products and services, that they have experienced online or in the store plays a major role in shaping up the future of business.

You need to simply ask your customers whether they found the items excellent, good, or OK. Also, if they have received the help they wanted at the time of purchase. This demonstrates that your store spends time in improving its services standards.

Customers’ feedback allows you to improve the experience immediately, if it wasn’t up to the mark. Do not let your customers take a negative perception outside the door with them!

Victoria’s Secret, for example, has a policy to ask customers about their shopping experience. During the checkout, supervisors ask customers whether they received help, and if so, by which assistant. This establishes customer experience as a core priority in their store. This also encourages the staff to give the best level of service by giving them due recognition.

5. Stepping up when things go wrong

Most checkout interactions are pretty upfront. You simply feed the goods in your point-of-sale system, process the transaction, bag the items, and hand it to the customer.

However, not every interaction is considered as a sale. Customers do visit a checkout for other reasons too, such as to voice a complaint, to bring back a defective product, or perhaps because your goods weren’t charged correctly. All these things are a part of the daily business of the retail sector.

One of the most significant ways of creating a lasting impression is to handle all this well, whether single-handedly or multi-handedly.

There are cases when customers are least interested in hearing apologies or excuses. They only want to know how you will fix their issues. Your customers are keenly interested in the solution, not the problem, and this is where they form their opinion about your customer service.

The best way to boost your customer service is to upgrade your point of sale system. Innovative point of sale system including receipt printers, barcode scanners, touch screen monitors, mounting solutions, and more work quickly and efficiently. However, there is always room for improvement.

You should be honest with your customers. Also, being transparent with them works the best and is one of the most essential things in customer service.

If some complex issue occurs, just remind your customers that you can do everything you reasonably can. It’s empathy that will appease even the angriest customer. No matter what the situation is, may it require under-promise and over-deliver, you just need to do the impossible that will set you apart from the crowd!

Final words 

While creating a lasting impression doesn’t mean moving mountains, clear communication with your customers will tell how much you value their patronage.

Without your customers, you won’t move even a little. Customer service is the emotional touch that will make the most significant difference to customers’ perceptions.

From hospitality to fashion, manufacturing to retail, every industry is looking forward to offering the best customer service. You should also follow the trend and offer the best of services to your customers.

Organize and upgrade your point-of-sale system, including receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash registers, touch screen monitors, and many more to give your customers an utterly delightful experience.

Star receipt printers allow you to print receipts in no time. Wish A POS has a wide range of receipt printers to choose from along with delivery across Australia. Star TSP650II is one of the best examples of receipt printers that allow you to enhance and make the most of your customer service.


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