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Wall Mounts

You may find multiple options for wall mounts when you go out to buy one. However you must always be certain about the weight and structure of your device and inquire about the compatibility of the mount with your device. Wall mounts are available in all sort of shapes and the strength of every wall mount varies. You can always go through the specification of the wall mount as to how much weight it can hold. For example: HUMANSCALE V6 27 SINGLE LONG ARM STD PLAT CPU is specially designed to place both your monitor and keyboard safely according to your requirement. You can carefully adjust the height of the mount.

Wall mounts can be used to hang your television set top boxes, televisions, monitors, CPU, music system and ipads. You will find a extensive variety of wall mounts at Wish A POS at the most affordable prices from your most reliable manufacturers like ATDEC, SpacePole, Zebra, Telehook, Spacedec, Visidec and Humanscale from our online store at

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