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Monitors are electronic devices that allow the user to observe the operation that are taking place in system. It displays all the recording, actions and graphic information through a device called video card. Variety of interfaces are available on a monitor like HDMI, DVI and VGA. The old school monitor which was previously used by the older generation, called the CRT’s are no more used by the people of today. People are now more familiar with LCD technology which are sleek in shape and occupies much lesser space. The even more latest technology that is trending these days are LED’s that are extremely sleek and provide HD picture quality. Other than this TFT POS Monitors and Touch Screen Monitors are used for Point of Sales services.

The POS system uses TFT Monitors and LCD’s are available at cheap prices from leading brands like HP, Samsung, ELO, VPOS, NEXA, Posiflex, IBM, NCR, Casio, Goodson, Toshiba, Puritron, EBN, General, Citizen and BIXOLON. These devices are available are Wish A POS at affordable prices from your reliable manufacturers at our online retail store at

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