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Fixed Mount Scanners

Fixed Mount barcode scanners are best suited for warehouses, inventory management and logistic units. Mostly mounted on conveyor lines, these barcode scanners can read barcodes without holding the product or pressing the trigger. When it comes to industrial use, the fixed mount scanners extends the most indestructible exterior. Choose corded and cordless barcode scanners amongst scanners that are included in this family.  We have barcode scanners that can read 1D and 2D barcodes and scanners such as imager, omnidirectional or laser to meet the requirement of your business. The advanced technology offered by these scanners allows you to scan the barcodes at a faster rate, speeding your daily business operations. Wish A POS has a large collection of Fixed Mount BarcodeScanner which are available for Australia wide delivery. We maintain a stock of barcode scanners from Datalogic, Opticon, and Honeywell. Feel free to call our barcode scanner specialist for further assistance.

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