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Mounting solutions are as old as dinosaurs. Mounts have been making unimaginable space on our work desks, television units, cash counters and countless other places. Other than keeping the device safe from the hidden damages, mounting solutions have been quite successful in protecting our devices from being stolen. Mounting your television, for instance, saves you a lot of space on your furniture that gives your room a sleek and clean look. For retails shops owners, you can use the space to make additional sales by keeping a stock of chewing gums, candies and chocolates that instigates your customer to make instant purchases.

Investing in a mounting solution is as important as buying a new equipment for your business. Installing your equipment in a manner where it yields more productivity makes all the difference. You can find mounting solutions in a range of options, varying on your requirement. Mounts are mostly used in office, shops, hospitals, hotels, airports and other retail shops. It’s better to know-how the mount that you want to install your device with, for which you’ll need to question yourself the following:

  1. What kind of mounting solution are you after?
  2. Are you looking to mount your device on the wall, the ceiling, the floor or the counter itself?
  3. Are you aware of the weight of your device?
  4. Will you need a movable mount or a stable one?
  5. Will your device be permanently fixed to the mount or you will need to access your device otherwise too?
  6. Will you require pole mounts, plate mounts or arm mounts?

Question yourself and do some study before you decide to buy any device. Knowing the variety available in the market that you can use for your device can help you determine what you need. Let’s read further to know more about mounts:

Types of Mounting Solutions

Monitor Mounts
Monitor mounts are widely used at workstations to keep monitors, laptops or any type of display screens that occupies space. Arm Mount, plate mount, pole mount and wall mount that can be rotated and adjusted in different directions according to user’s requirement come under monitor mounts. These mounts work well for people who have to continuously glare at their monitors all day long. You can simply adjust the height of the monitor according to your height and comfort.

Monitor mounts are further categorized into the following: 

Ceiling Mounts: These mounts are mostly used for installing devices to the ceiling, mostly for monitors and televisions that are mounted back to back. You can also go for single mounting for your device if you are not looking for back to back option.

Desk Mounts: These mounts are the most commonly sold monitor mounts in the market. The height and distance of desk mounts can be adjusted easily for your device. These mounts can further be categorized as arm mounts and pole mounts.

Floor Mounts: Monitors and television can be safely placed at a reasonable height from the floor using floor mounts. You can use these mounts in exhibitions and events to promote your brand or display your company catalog. Floor mounts are mostly used in kiosks to give user complete independence of using a device.

Wall Mounts: If you’ve been looking to carefully place your television on the wall, wall mounts are the safest option available. You can find wall mounts available in three categories, namely, arm mounts, pole mounts and plate mounts. While you buy a wall mount for your device, be sure of the weight and compatibility of your device with the mount.

Payment EFTPOS Mounts
EFTPOS mounts are generally used for mounting swipe machines in shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and retail stores. These mounts are fixed in a place and discard the fuss of carrying the machines all along. It can be rotated and adjusted according to the business requirement.

Printer Mounts
Printer mounts are used to keep printers that can be corded or wireless. These mounts are very easy to install and occupy less space too. They can be adjusted to different length and height with full motion arm movement. Like any other mounting solutions, they can also be mounted on desks and walls. Printer mounts are of various types such as Arm Mount, Plate Mount, and Pole mount.

Tablet Mounts

These multi-purpose mounts can be installed in any office, vehicle or warehouse, as per your requirement. You can these mounts to set up iPads and Android tablets, small in size, in your retails shops and counters. These mounts can be advantageously placed on cash counters to make it easy for the staff to carry POS operations. You can also relocate these mounts to your preference, the installation being extremely simple.

Mounting Accessories
Accessories make installations easy and cost-effective. These devices offer mobility and durability that can be mounted on a desk or a wall. Make sure that you are looking for mounting accessories that have a strong structure and can withstand heavy weight.

Finding the Right Mounting Solution

Make sure that the mount you buy comes with a reader’s instructions and all the equipment that you will need to set up your device. Read the user’s manual before installing the mounts for secure installation of your device. Taking precautions to install a device that expensive and fragile can be a good idea.