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Running out of consumables can be horrifying, especially if you are new to a device. A wide range of sizes, adhesive, color and print method to choose from, makes it very difficult for anybody to decide the compatibility of the device with the consumable. It is important to figure out whether you are looking for labels to print a brand name to your products, tags to label your clothing products, receipts to bill customers or a wristband to identify patients in a hospital. You will find a variety of paper rolls to choose from that are used in printers and cash registers.

With so many options available to choose from, you may find it a little challenging to select the right consumable for your device. Make sure you have the following in mind:

  • Are you looking for Labels, Wristbands, Ribbons or Paper Rolls?
  • What kind of environment will your media be exposed to?
  • What will be the dimensions of your labels and receipts?

Type of Consumables

When you go out to buy consumables for your device, there are certain things that you must always keep in mind. Compatibility of your device with the consumable that you’re buying is very important. Here’s a list of consumables available in the market that will help you buy the right product:


Labels are universally acceptable stickers that come with different kind of adhesives. Labels with multiple types of adhesives enable direct sticking on the packaging of the product. You can also look for labels that can stick permanently or temporarily. The widespread acceptance of labels has been possible because they are by far the easiest way to tag a product.

You may find it interesting that there is a different kind of labels that you can choose from depending on your requirement. Labels are generally categorized in the kind of printers they are used in:

Thermal Labels: These labels use the thermal transfer printing mechanism to print labels. The printer uses its print head to apply heat on the surface of the paper to produce durable labels. Thermal labels don’t usually wipe out due to climatic changes. If you’re looking for labels that don’t fade away, thermal labels are a good option.

Direct Thermal Labels: Labels that don’t use ribbons for printing are called direct labels. These labels create the image directly on the paper that fades away within days.


Wristbands were designed as a tracking mechanism to track the number of people present in a particular location. You will mostly notice hospitals, clubs, events etc. using these bands to keep a track of the people. You could always use a label on someone’s clothing which is likely to fall. A wristband, however, is a more reliable and easy to use means to barcode a person that will not fall and handle rigors.

Paper Rolls

Paper rolls are the most affordable and commonly used consumables available in the market today. From being used in offices to be used in retail stores to print receipts, this category of consumable is being sold and used the most. Let’s discuss the range of paper rolls that will help you understand their usage:

  1. Bond Paper Rolls: These paper rolls can be used in a variety of printer. If you require your printing to stay-on for a longer duration, this is the paper that you should be looking at. These paper rolls use ink for printing. If your device uses ink for printing, a bond paper is a right option to go for.
  2. Cash Register Rolls: These paper rolls are specially designed to work with cash registers. The cash register paper rolls are fine in quality and work well with the thermal transfer technology which means that the printing on these paper fades away, sooner than later. ATM machines, cash registers at petrol pumps and other retail stores are common businesses where these paper rolls are put to use. You can find cash register rolls in single and dual ply.
  3. EFTPOS Rolls: The EFTPOS Rolls are particularly used for cash registers to print receipts that helps maintains sales journals in day to day operation of a business. These paper rolls can be found in single as well as dual ply.
  4. Multi-ply Paper Rolls: These paper rolls work best for businesses that maintain multiple copies of their receipts. You can use the multi-ply paper rolls to print receipts and journals to maintain the records of your business.
  5. Receipt Paper Rolls: As the name suggests, receipt paper rolls work well the receipt printers to print receipts in different sizes, widths and also in colors. These paper rolls are available in both single and dual ply.


Ribbons are a part of consumable which not everyone is aware of. Ribbons are a hidden part of your device that transfers its pigments on to the paper that allows printing to take place. You can find these in different colors available in the market in both affordable and expensive range, depending on the technique. You can buy ribbons for a variety of devices such as cash registers, type-writers, ID card printers, label printers and receipt printers.