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What comes to your mind when you think of a cash register? People who are not aware of this term will say anything that keeps a record of your money is a cash register. Technically, Cash Register is a device that can calculate financial transactions and complete sales of a company. These devices are attached to the cash drawer which stores money and records of the amount for each sale. An advanced version of these cash drawers is connected to Receipt Printers that prints receipts for the buyers and for the business record purpose. It allows the user to print tax invoices as well. Most of the cash registers come with removable cash drawer for an easy point of sales operations.

The first Cash Register was invented by James Ritty to avoid shoplifting, burglary and mostly importantly theft from the employees. The popularity of this machine spread like fire in the American market and soon to the other nations as well. Ever since, cash registers are being used by big retail stores, keeping a record of sales for whom is unmanageable.

It is very important to select the right cash register for your business, given the variety available in the market. Make sure that you keep the following in mind while buying a cash register:

  1. Will your cash register be used for small scale business or large scale business?
  2. Does your business require you to keep a receipt record or not?
  3. Will you use your cash register for rugged purpose or general purpose?

Knowing exactly the conditions where your cash register will be used, makes it very easy for you to pick the right scanner for your business. Discussing the different type of cash register’s available in the market will help you decide.

Types of Cash Registers

If you’ve been looking to buy a cash register for your business, there are a few things that you must keep in your mind. Knowing the cash flow of your business, the conditions where your cash register will be used are some very important aspects while buying a cash register.

Single roll cash register

Single roll cash registers come with multi-purpose cash trays and a high-resolution LCD display. These cash registers are best suited for small-scale business and are very easy to set up. Their unique compact design occupies less space that makes it work-efficient. If you are looking for a device that offers multiple services, it is the right product for you. Wish A POS stocks single cash register that has 35, 28, 95 and 112 keys option.  

Double roll cash register

Double roll cash register consists of two rolls instead of one. Unlike single roll cash register, it can print two receipts at the same time. The best feature of this device is that it helps the user to maintain receipt data for his own reference while keeping a track of the information and price of each product. If you are searching for double roll cash registers at cheap prices then Wish A POS is one stop for all.  

Touch screen cash register

Touch screen cash register is the best-selling device that is widely used for all rugged purposes. It comes with high-resolution touchscreen display and USB interface that avoids the use of a keyboard. It’s stylish appearance and sleek body offers smooth- functioning to the user. You can buy touch screen cash register from top brand such as SAM4S at competitive prices.