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Running a business successfully is no cake walk. There are several things that you need to take care of, other than managing the products. Customer’s privacy is one of the many things that matter. A new issues that customers are raising these days is whether or not printed receipts are a more secure option that electronic ones. While you discover other options of handing over receipts to your customers, we will give you an insight of which options you can go with.

There are three options for getting a receipt after a purchase:

  • Paper receipt

  • Electronic receipt

  • No Receipt

People are suggesting two options currently, you can either you choose an electronic receipt or not take a receipt at all. Both the options are considerably best for the environment but probably not a very desirable option for many people. Most people don’t access their mail accounts regularly that makes it difficult for them to access the receipts. Not taking receipts at all would mean difficulty in claiming warranty and guarantee of the product. Paper receipts, printed by a Receipt Printer, may seem traditional but probably are still being used the most throughout the world because of many reason. Let’s know why both businesses as well as customers are more inclined towards paper receipts:

The Issues of Choosing No Receipt 

When you chose not to get a receipt, you may have to deal with the other issues. For instance, you may not be able to return/exchange your items, claim the available rebates, upkeep with the tax deductions that you want to make or to check for errors with the transaction. Thus, selecting an option of no receipt may be the worse option of all.

The possibility of mistakes or typos

Electronic receipts have the higher probability of mistakes or typos. A person handling the point-of-sale system may enter wrong information that can cause you loss of payment. You will also not be able to return the item purchases in this scenario. If someone else is bearing the same name or similar email id as you, the possibility of receipt going to the wrong person increases.  E-receipts are also often snagged by spam filters or are even lost in an overcrowded inbox.

At the time of acceptance of receipts

After spending an hour shopping, you choose to receive an e-receipt in return for your billing. To get the bill, you will need give your email address to the business. Now, there is always a possibility that when you hand over your personal contact information for billing, it may pass on to other organizations. Not only will you receive numerous e-mails from the outlet your shopped but other companies will fill your inbox and mail box with promotional emails.

In most cases, businesses compile this information into different lists and sell it to other businesses which are looking for an effective way to advertise their business or service. If you are giving the information at your will, then this considered to be within the rights.

Receipt Printers allows you to print authentic paper receipts that helps in the future when there is a need for exchange or return of articles. You should always consider a paper receipt instead of e-receipt or no receipt option when you have an opportunity to choose from the types of receipts. It provides the information you need to fix mistakes, file taxes and even return/exchange undesirable/defective items, if necessary.


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