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Have you integrated receipt printers with your point-of-sale system, yet?

The most common operation of a restaurant after receiving an order is printing receipt with it. Gone are the days when staff members manually maintained the order receipts. With the growth of technology, receipt printers have made the lives of retail outlets much easier. The UberEats Receipt Printer is one of the most trending printer currently that you can integrate with your point of sale system to bring efficiency and productivity to maintain your order chain.

The restaurateurs enter orders in their POS system and print receipts, whether a customer pays through a credit card or cash. Orders are then directly sent to the kitchen for preparing a meal. The integration of printers with the system decides how processing an order will be. If you can efficiently manage your daily operation, you will eventually notice an increase in the revenue

Here are the four reasons for integrating receipt printers that will positively impact your restaurant –

Streamline The Process

If you are operating a large-scale restaurant, it will be difficult to process orders without adding a printer to the system. A complicated situation occurs when a cook doesn’t understand the order written manually by a server. This will only result in extending their time for the preparation, ultimately spoiling restaurant’s reputation.

Most people are nowadays looking for eateries which are technology-based and allows them to quickly order and have their meal in the least amount of time. A receipt printer can streamline the order and delivery process without impacting the daily operations.


Touchscreens have got incredible value when it comes to physical limitations of the users.

A conventional method of using keyboard and mouse might not work well when senior users are using it. They probably find difficulties using the mouse and point it at the right location or facing trouble reading the letters on a keyboard. Using touchscreens help them operating the device directly rather than a tool. It makes more accessible for users to use the display and enhance the productivity at the same time.

Cost Effective

If your chefs are spending too time understanding the orders written manually by servers, the work flow is eventually getting disturbed . The unnecessary interruption in their schedule and the work they were originally doing causes a lot of confusion in the kitchen. This causes decrease in productivity and an increase in labor costs. Pairing a printer with your POS system allows you to print order as soon as you receive one automatically, which can be directly transmitted to the kitchen.

Improve Order Accuracy

Manual orders create double work and open doors for mistakes to be made. Integrating an UberEats Receipt Printer with the POS-system makes the order process easy and manageable for the staff, which in turn, improving your order accuracy while rendering higher profits. Eliminates errors and a reduce the amount of time and energy that is everyday wasted on remaking orders prepared incorrectly.

Cost Reduction

Using a touchscreen interface increases the accuracy of the user and reduces their time as well. It eventually improves efficiency and keeps the cost down. Touchscreen usually responds quickly without making errors.

Store cashiers, for instance, are able to help more consumers because of its involuntary quality. It helps in optimizing check out speeds and keeping customers happy and satisfied. It simplifies processes and requires minimal training to the end users.

Ease of Use

Touchscreens are intuitive in use. It helps in eliminating errors. Selecting the right item has never been easier, all you need to do is point the item out. The user can simply identify the on-screen buttons to select a function or feature. These on-screen buttons majorly appear on the screen.

Touchscreens don’t need an absolute time and coordination with the user. It restricts the unauthorized entry into the system content. Make sure that the right user gets to interact with the right content and information.

Device Size

Nexa WavePos55 W help you save space on desks by integrating everything on the display screen. Cords and wires can’t get tangled, damaged as they don’t need more than two or three cables to connect with the cash drawer. Touchscreens are like an all-in-one solution.

Touchscreens are not only benefitting consumers, but also to industrial applications. The touchscreen technology is becoming standard and instinctive for businesses to use. They are keen to integrate their products with a touch interface to compete.


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