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Operating a retail store has become exceptionally stress-free. All thanks to the new-age technology that is continuously introducing devices to simplify the management of our business.

Rather than deploying human resources, businesses are now going after intuitive software and high-tech devices. This increases the efficiency of existing staff members and also eliminates human errors.

Retail outlets can’t survive without a robust cash management system. Going after a conventional system or new-age device, completely depends on the requirement of a retail outlet. To process the sales on your checkout counter seamlessly, you can go with the following options:

1. Manual cash register

2. Electronic cash register

3. POS Terminal

In simple words, you can either go with a terminal or a register to manage the sales of your outlet. Let’s discuss the features of both the options:

Cash Register

Most businesses still prefer buying this device for the amazing features it offers, without digging a hole in the pocket. While modern day businesses prefer going with a computerized system, there a few stores that choose a cash register because of the following features:

  • Reasonably priced: Smaller retail outlets still have a preference for these devices because they are more affordable. You can buy a cash register for as low as AUD 100.
  • Tough Exterior: These devices age back over 200 years but are still being used by many stores. The indestructible device is made from a sturdy material that protects it from the harsh environment.
  • Secure payments: It is very hard for anyone to manually break open a cash register to steal any cash. The manual ones will only open with a key while an electronic one will open only when a transaction takes place.

The Sam4s Cash Registers provides highly reliable cash management system that is ideal for a retail environment.

Point-of-sales terminal 

An advanced version of cash registers are POS terminals that are progressive and provide cutting-edge technology. Businesses that require high-speed devices for voluminous transactions often integrate this cash management system. Let’s talk about how a POS terminal can help speed up your checkout counter process:

  • Inventory management: Retails stores that have multiple branches can leverage the integrated inventory management system. Ordering products that you run out of and clearing stock that has been piling up can be made easier with a POS terminal.
  • HR Management: Managing the staff is easier when your staff members can simply check-in from this system. Additionally, you can keep a track of all the activities and sales that goes through each employee. This will be helpful in evaluating their performance too.

POS Software: Besides managing the inventory and staff, you can integrating a software with your terminal can keep a track of your accounting and help in marketing your products.

Choosing the right device for your retail business

There are several factors that can influence your decision to buy a POS terminal or a cash register. At the end, it all comes down to what your business demands and what will be more beneficial. Ask yourself a few questions before finally concluding.

Consider the footfall in your outlet. You don’t want to be a stuck with a machine that can’t handle too many transactions or a device that is too good for a fewer transactions.

It is important that you know the kind of payments that you will receive the most, based on which you can either go with a traditional or modern system.

If you currently have a single store but plan to expand in the future then you have to be future ready. Getting rid of a machine within a few years is not ideal.

Finally, the size of your retail store and your business as a whole is the most critical factor for you to make a call.

Ending Note: 

A small sized business with lesser transactions can always go with an electronic or manual cash register. However, if you plan to keep your channels open for card and cash payments then it will be ideal to go with a POS terminal.

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