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Setting up a restaurant business does not only include preparing a delicious menu, hiring the best staff or decorating the place with the latest furniture and accessories. You will encounter many other things that need attention before you open up the place. A very important and an integral part of a modern restaurant will include an efficient Point of Sales system and receipt printer.

Most restaurants use the same receipt printer as retailers do that prints receipts and card transaction receipts, this can either be done by a thermal receipt printer or an impact receipt printer. Both the printers perform likely, the only difference lies in the location or environment they will be used in. Speaking of the connectivity, you can either have a POS a system that can be connected to multiple printers in different locations of your restaurants or a different POS system for each location. The answer is very clear, a single POS system is easier to manage that helps in maintaining data in one location.

Let’s discuss which printers work best with a robust POS system for a busy restaurant environment:

Basic Difference Between Thermal Printers & Impact Printers

Impact printer, also known as the Dot Matrix printer, are traditional printers that use ink ribbons to print letters and characters through a series of little dots. These printers are available both in black and white version and also in red and black version. The ones that are on the higher end can print graphics as well. Thermal printer, on the other hand, are new age printers that don’t require ink for carrying out the printing process. These type of printer emit heat from their printhead and are quite popular in industries that have heated environment. Restaurateurs are going after thermal printers for front operations because of the printers ability to print receipts at a higher speed and minimal sound. The paper rolls used in these printers are thermally coated that respond to the heat emitted by the printhead to print receipts. The affordable version of these printers are available in black and white, the high end ones can print graphics as well.

Popular Receipt Printer Brands

While there are a dozen of brands manufacturing receipt printer currently, there are a few that have really done wonders in a tiny machine like this. UberEats Receipt Printers is one of the leading brand in this category that works very well in a modern age restaurant for both online as well on the ground orders. The printers in this category are Star TSP650II Bluetooth Receipt Printer and Star TSP143III Receipt Printer. Both the printers are wireless and can be connected to your POS system through Bluetooth. These printer provide printing receipts at a lightning speed that helps in enhancing the cash counter operations.

Buy Uber Eats Receipt Printers from Wish A POS for delivery across Australia. Speak to our customers representative to know more about the product features and delivery.

Best Printer for Your Restaurant

Utility of printer can be derived from the environment it will be used in. For instance: Impact Receipt Printers are quite reliable but they can’t be used in a quiet place because of the noise they produce while printing. These printers can be slower as compared to the Thermal Receipt Printers but are preferred by restaurants. The reason for this inclination is completely technical. A receipt printed by a thermal printer is more likely to fade away faster than the one printer by an impact printer. In addition, impact printers work well in a heated atmosphere as compared to the thermal printers because the later ones are more sensitive to heat and humidity. These printers will work more efficiently in a high temperature of a professional kitchen.

Printers that Fit Your Budget

So far, we discussed two popular options of printers available in the market. Impact printers are relatively cheaper than thermal printers but their maintenance is a little on the higher side. The on-going expense of these printer includes buying a toner or ink on a regular basis which thermal printers don’t require.

In addition, an impact printer has more moving part because of which its require maintenance every now and then. However, thermal receipt printer requires maintenance every once in a while. It is also easier to find damaged part of thermal printers easily than impact printers.

If you’re restaurants receives too many online orders, going after an UberEats Receipt Printers can be a good option. These printers can be integrated with your app as well as the POS system for smoother delivery operations.  These printers work very well for the front end operations of restaurant. The fast printing mechanism of these devices allows the staff member to quickly print transaction and card receipts for the customers

After you’ve decided what technology of a printer you want to go with, take into account whether you will be needing a coloured printer or a single colour printer. A single colour printer, commonly referred to as a black and white printer, can print simple traditional receipts. A coloured printer, however, can be available in a two-colour option and multi-colour option.

A very important aspect that most people forget while buying a receipt printer for their restaurant is exploring the interface of the printer. The printer you’re going after, should be compatible with the POS system. The most common interface of printers are USB, parallel and serial (RS232). You can also buy a printer with Bluetooth connectivity that will function wirelessly. Remember, buying a receipt printer without checking the interface can result in complete loss of time and money.


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