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Many times, you’ve tried using your smartphone as a scanner. But, whenever you go through it, gives you a distorted picture of your document. Are you thinking of using your smartphone as a barcode scanner too? Since it helps you manage other areas of your life, so, it’s logical to think it would also serve your barcode scanning needs. And it works to an extent. But there always be some advantages and disadvantages to the case.

Well, it cut the cost of buying barcode scanner, so, using your phone as a barcode scanner may seem a great idea at first. Do you know where the data stores? It is captured on to your phone’s hard drive.

If you really want to use your smartphone as a part of barcode scanning operation, then the easiest way to connect the device to a separate handheld barcode scanner. That means, the scanner captures the data and your phone will be served as the database that collects and stores the data. A standard way to connect your device via Bluetooth or else with a USB cable.

Whereas, this method may work fine for primary barcode scanning. If you need to store your data in a spreadsheet, you’ll need to import it from your phone. Depending on the volume of the data, this process may take several steps to complete, and sometimes you may not be sure if the information ends up in the right place.

What you’re expecting from your smartphone, at times may go in vain as it doesn’t offer a streamlined approach to scanning and capturing data. Consequently, before using your smartphone as a barcode scanner, here are four factors that should be considered –

Data Security

If you’re running a business that has a distribution center or warehouse, using a handheld scanner would be more secure than a smartphone. Whatever the data you’re capturing and transmitting to a spreadsheet needs to be kept secure.

Barcode scanners are not designed to store or share data, simply offer more security than a smartphone. They’re typically locked up and not allowed to leave the proximity. Unlike a smartphone, scanner can’t be compromised by downloading apps onto it. In barcoding operations, if data security is essential, then a scanner will give you more control than a smartphone.

Cost Efficiency

Barcode scanners are single-purpose devices, that’s why less complex in usage and considerably less expensive to buy and maintain than a smartphone. Unlike smartphones, barcode scanners don’t rely on the latest technology to perform and have a longer lifespan. And for that reason, they don’t have to be replaced more often. Smartphones require regular software and operating system updates to function properly, whereas a barcode scanner doesn’t.

Depending on the scanning of items, where your device can be easily damaged, a barcode scanner is the most cost-effective option. Smartphone screens are more susceptible to cracks which are expensive to repair, on the contrary to Barcode scanners.

Speed and Reliability

Smartphones are designed to perform multiple tasks at once, whereas barcode scanners intend to read only barcodes (a single job), which makes it faster and more reliable. Depending on your usage, there are different scanners in the market to choose from like- 2D or 3D Barcode Scanner.

Also, your smartphone batteries are intended to run down quickly if you’re using it to scan for the whole day and requires regular charging. The battery life of a barcode scanner is considerably longer than that of a smartphone, which makes it more reliable.

Database Integration

If you’re scanning barcodes with your smartphones, you need to connect it to a computer or other devices so that the data can be stored in your system. In some cases, you won’t be able to connect your smartphone to your computer via Bluetooth, and costs you several other steps to do. Whereas Barcode Scanners easily connects to a computer using Bluetooth, or a USB that offers a simple plug and play option to streamline your captured data.

If you’re looking for a barcode scanner to simplify your POS system, then buy barcode scanners online to run a real barcoding operation.





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