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Your business is majorly affected if you’re not getting the solution for the best receipt printers that rests heavily on your specific problems, issues, and requirements. Probably, you’ll need to look at the functionalities that you need in your printer, whether printing at a rapid rate or having an exceptionally high quality. Your printer must be working for you and your business.

POS, label and mobile printing technology has swiftly advanced and now widely accepted as a part of daily life. Ensuring that you select the best for your POS business is vital, and Wish A POS is happy to guide you in the right direction.


Why do you need your printer? What your printer should be? How is your printer going to fit in with the procedure of your business? Of course, it’s all dependent on the connection that you have with your customer. While in a retail environment, it will be most likely to be done until a point, where the customers are exchanging their money for products or goods.

For instance, generally, in a cloth shop, it is a relatively relaxing and enjoyable experience for most people. After your purchase, a receipt will often be thrown out in your shopping bag. On the contrary, a ticketing system at the busiest venue would require mobility. So, quick and unproblematic printing and cutting abilities for ease of use are needed.

Your printing device’s whereabouts will play a significant factor in selection. Those which are to be used in a hospitality environment will have to be waterproof.


What do you want your printer to do? Does it need to be prompt, or is it essential that your receipt is of a high quality that can be retained for further use? Your printer’s performance is going to play a significant role in your business, wherein all types of printing methods should be considered.

The two types of the printer – an impact printer, or dot-matrix printer provides reliable print-outs using an ink ribbon and a print head, coated with tiny pins. When these pins hit the paper, dots are formed closely together creating the shape or letters, which were inputted. Being highly reliable, the dot matrix printing device offers low maintenance costs.

Direct thermal or thermal transfer printing is the most common among the best printing devices in the market. They are proving to be affordable, reliable and produce receipts of high quality. The thermal printing technology includes thermal printheads, which applies heat to the paper. Thermal transfer uses a ribbon which results in durable printouts, whereas direct transfer does not use a ribbon, which results in lower maintenance costs.


Before you purchase your printing device, understanding your cable interfaces and connections is necessary. Check your POS system beforehand if it is likely able to connect with Serial, parallel or USB connections. You also need to consider the appearance and practicality of your printer too. Will the printer be visible to customers, or not? Want to have a space that minimizes on cables? Then, ensure that your POS area is pleasant and uncluttered. But for mobile printers, you will need to consider your signal strength and speed to ensure that it can cope up with the demand of running a wireless printer.

By examining all these factors, it will help you find the best receipt printers for your business. We hope, now, you would be able to buy Thermal Receipt Printer online to start your business.


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