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Have a sore neck? Sitting in front of a computer screen for long hours can ruin your health. Some of the small screens like notebooks can make it considerably worse. But in general, laptops are ergonomic nightmares as they put your body into all the wrong positions. You need to look down all day long and getting the screen into a somewhat comfortable viewing position makes matters worse. Over time your neck and back soreness drives against your extremities. Trust us! If it feels a bit uncomfortable now, it’ll hurt more after a few years down the line. So, you should buy Monitor Mounts online from Wishapos.com.au to not make it a habit of bearing severe pain.

In that case, Desktop computers are much feasible to work upon, allowing you to adjust the keyboard, mouse and display independently. When it comes to iMac, you can choose its display(s) and adjust its height as per your need. Well, the ideal viewing position usually said to be 30 cm from your retina. A slight forward tilt to the screen is beneficial for you, even though it’s better to raise and lower the screen to some extent now and then. Monitor Mounts are great as they can be fixed directly onto your screen through a few screws. Once they installed sturdy, gives you an ease of working on it. Else, they work great in multi-display setups as well. Desk Mounts gives you jumbo-sized adjustability that is designed to lift a monitor easily from a sitting position to a comfortable standing position. Monitor Mounts can even be placed directly on your tabletop where no drilling is required. If you don’t find it appropriate and cannot bear the holes in, you can have a glass table top or antique table too.

Usage of Monitor Mounts

Monitor Mounts are suitable for offices whether corporate or home, and even for the trade shows, convention centres, office lobbies, retail areas, sports arenas, airports and auditoriums for digital signage, price checking stations, and information booths. Similarly, they’re using as a tool for visual presentations, educational lessons, recreational viewing, and gaming. Availability of monitor mounts in ceiling mounts, desk mounts, floor mounts and wall mounts make it easier for you to choose in between according to your requirements.

Benefits of Monitor Mounts

  • Improves Productivity Monitor Mounts can increase your productivity up to 42% while making your workspace more enjoyable with less frustration and time lost.
  • Prevent Neck and Back Strain Monitor Mounts can help you adjust your screens into more various positions rather than stuck in one immobile state. Additionally, it prevents neck and back strain with little adjustments according to your height and sight.

Monitor Mounts deliver gratification to the people and buying monitor mounts doesn’t hesitate you in splurging out a setup that costs you better than spending on specific medical bills. Eventually, evaluate your compatibility with the right monitor mounts, and buy POS Monitor Mounts online from us.


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