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A grocery store is probably the most swarming place in a locality, irrespective of the time of the day. For a buzzing retail outlet like this, it is very important that the daily operations are streamlined, the inventory never runs down and the checkout is as seamless as possible.

A perfect point of sales system is everything that a grocery store needs to operate flawlessly. If you have the right equipment to run your store, not only will you be able to improve the overall efficiency of your staff members but you will also be able to entertain more customers.

Not having the right point of sales system can tarnish your reputation among your customers. After spending a reasonable time in your outlet, they certainly wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time on the check-out counter. Customers prefer shopping in places where they can quickly move out of the

While there is some equipment that will be mandatory in your POS system, you will also a few that will smoothen your day-to-day tasks. A good printer, a barcode scanner and touch screen monitor are the basic POS Hardware that you will not be able to operate without and should be bought only after careful analysis of the market.

Apart from buying the right POS Hardware for your grocery outlet, we will also help you recognise the perfect spot to place them which will unbelievably improve your efficiency.

Let’s discuss what you will need to set up a grocery store on the point of sale front:

Barcode Scanner


Cashier woman on work space in supermarket shop

It is impossible for a grocery store or a supermarket to operate without a barcode scanner. We are all aware that a scanners help retail outlets scan the barcodes on a product to maintain the records of the sales. What we don’t know is that there so much more a barcode scanner do, provided you buy a smart one.

With advancement in technology, scanners have evolved and have further simplified the entire process of running a retail outlet successfully. Now, there are a plethora of options that you can go with, keeping in mind the one that suits your requirements the best. You can also find high-end scanners that not only helps keeping a track of your inventory but also find products in other branches.  

Presentation barcode scanners work very well for outlets that experience large footfall on everyday basis. You can simple place these scanner on your checkout counter and scan the product simply presenting the barcode before it. The reason that these scanners are hands-free devices, you can carry out a transaction in less than half the time than usual, which means happier customers. Honeywell barcode scanner is among the most selling that provides both 1D and 2D barcode scanning. For people who prefer using a handheld scanner can always go with a Bluetooth barcode scanner.



Shopping cart on a long POS terminal receipt

Most evidently your POS system will be incomplete without a printer but there is reason that this device is on this list. We all know that grocery stores usually opt for receipt printers to generate invoices for all the transactions, what we don’t know is that like barcode scanners, printers too have witnessed progress in terms of technology.

Now, you can buy receipt printer online but what is it that will get the job done effortlessly? From the aesthetic point of view, you can go with a printer that can be connected to your POS system wirelessly, reducing the cable clutter on the counter.

An ideal printer should be fast enough to help reduce the checkout time of a customer significantly. The Star TSP143 receipt printer is the most talked about printer in the food industry today. This Bluetooth device connects effortlessly with the parent device and prints as fast as 250mm/second. You can also integrate it with the Uber Eats app if you receive online orders to streamline physical orders with online orders. It is extremely easy to connect and stays on a standby mode if you’re not using it. Now, this may be on a higher side in terms of pricing but it’s dynamic features are worth every penny. Look for more star printer on this link :


Touch Screen Monitor


Close Up Of Female Employee Working At Delicatessen Checkout

Back in the days, retails outlets only had the options to buy standard LED and LCD monitors that could be operated through keyboard and mouse. Almost all retail outlets are dominantly using touch screen monitors as a display screen as a part of their POS System.

These devices offer an extremely comfortable user interface and are also easy to use, that increases the efficiency of the staff members significantly. Besides looking impeccably good on the counter, touch screen monitors also help save a lot of space on the desk which is otherwise occupied by a keyboard, mouse and a clutter of cables.

There is a whole array of collection of these touch screen monitors that you can buy from Wish A POS Australia. You can choose from a large collection of brands, width, screen size and height, interface, colour and the ruggedness of the monitor.

Other POS Equipment


In addition to buying the latest technology printer, compatible barcode scanner and a new touch screen monitor, you can also buy a cash drawer if you get too many cash sales in your grocery outlets. If the cash flow in your store is minimal, go with a cash drawer that can be operated manually. If not, an electronic cash register that is integrated with your POS system and opens only when a transaction takes place can be considered.

A pole display is also a good addition to your POS system if you are looking to enhance your customer’s shopping experience. This display is usually mounted at the back of the monitor for the customers to see a summary of their order. Read more about the advantages of integrating a touch screen monitor here.

A good point of sales software and robust POS Hardware is everything you will need to streamline your inventory, check out process and day-to-day operations of your grocery store. Since this investment is one time, it is important that you go with the latest technology and the most sturdy equipment available.

If you are looking for POS Hardware Australia, look through Wish A POS website or download the mobile app for a comfortable shopping experience. You can shop on the move or at your own comfort from our e-commerce mobile app that can be downloaded for free. We offer an extensive range of over 5000 products to choose from, and at the most affordable prices.

Drop us an enquiry to know more about the products or chat with our POS experts if you are still confused about the best POS hardware for your grocery store.

Want to know more about barcode scanners? Wish A POS will help you set up a complete barcoding system in your business. We have barcode scanners for different business purposes that also comes in different variants and colors. They simply work and scan almost all 1D and 2D barcodes, and much more. Just plug them, and you are good to go! You will surely love using these in your business!


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