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Thermal printers came into existence in the early 1970s and they have revolutionized the foodservice market ever since. They are preferably used for printing labels on grab-and-go food outlets. These printers are technologically advanced which has benefited the food industry enormously. The thermal printers work much faster and the printing process is quieter which is efficient and less energy intensive.

The initial cost of a thermal printer could be on the higher side if compared to a traditional printer. The technology, however, that it’s built around is worth every penny. Restaurant owners have claimed that thermal printers work very well in their kitchen, where an ordinary printer would fail to deliver. There are certain tips that you can follow to keep your thermal printers in a good condition at all times:

Make sure you clean your printer

When your restaurant’s chefs and their support staff are busy running around the kitchen to complete the orders, don’t forget there’s a printer which is calling you to clean it every other day. To keep your thermal printer in a good condition, make sure you clean it every time you change the paper roll. You can simply use a brush to get rid of the dust, the oil, and food particles. Keep in mind that you check the print head and clean the roller whenever installing a new ribbon.

Don’t throw anything away!

While you are unpacking your new thermal printer, you may find several mysterious parts in the package that you can’t put to use right away. We recommended you to never throw any of these, you may need these parts in future and finding them individually can be very difficult. Secure these parts so that you can make use of them whenever needed.

Take care when changing the settings

While installing the thermal printer on your POS system, try not to change the darkness settings very often. This may shorten the life of the printer head, increase the heat produced by the print head and decrease the quality of the printing.

Focus on the platform

You can be a part of the Star’s direct thermal receipt printer that reduces dependency on hardware while emphasizing more on the functionality. These printers are comparatively affordable and are designed to be more reliable than other printers available in the market.

Cost Reduction

Using a touchscreen interface increases the accuracy of the user and reduces their time as well. It eventually improves efficiency and keeps the cost down. Touchscreen usually responds quickly without making errors.

Store cashiers, for instance, are able to help more consumers because of its involuntary quality. It helps in optimizing check out speeds and keeping customers happy and satisfied. It simplifies processes and requires minimal training to the end users.

Ease of Use

Touchscreens are intuitive in use. It helps in eliminating errors. Selecting the right item has never been easier, all you need to do is point the item out. The user can simply identify the on-screen buttons to select a function or feature. These on-screen buttons majorly appear on the screen.

Touchscreens don’t need an absolute time and coordination with the user. It restricts the unauthorized entry into the system content. Make sure that the right user gets to interact with the right content and information.

Call the technician for repair

If you are planning to use sharp instruments to remove the dirt stuck in the machine, be ready to take your thermal printers to a repair shop. You may end up accidentally cutting key components, leaving holes and splits in your printer. Before operating on your thermal printer, call a professional technician and learn how to handle such problems.

We hope these suggestions will come handy when you buy a thermal receipt printer or if you’re looking for ways to increase the life of your printer.


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