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Extending support to your customers while they shop from your outlet, can play a primary role in making them believe in your brand.

The good news is that it’s in your hands to offer good customer service to your customers.

While it is not always possible to monitor what your competitors are doing, it is possible to stay at par with them through excellent customer support.

There are several ways of impacting a shopper’s experience. Let’s find out:

Offer a personalised touch

Successful retail chains understand the importance of repeat customers. It is a proven fact that acquisition costs much more than retention.

Most customers prefer shopping from places where they are recognised. A great way of doing that is maintaining records of loyal customers. This will help you serve them in a more personalised manner.

Approach your customers every time they return to buy a product again and take their feedback on the quality.

Adapt sophisticated upselling

You can really put-off a customer through shady upselling techniques. Clinging on to a customer to sell your products can do the opposite of what you are expecting.

If you really want customers to buy your products, start by educating them. Another way of upselling your products is by understanding exactly what the customers need.

For instance, let’s say you own an optician store. Ask all customers that walks in your store, exactly when and why they use glasses. If they are changing a pair, enquire why they are doing so. If you can get into the deep cause of the customer’s problem, you will be able to provide a better solution. Additionally, your customers will know you care.

Ensure your staff is well-trained to bring awareness in your customers for your products. This way, it will be easier for them to cross-sell, up-sell. 

Maintain a check on the inventory

If you are maintaining your stock manually, it can be difficult to keep the stockouts in check. Having said that, it’s okay to run out of a few products. You can stand out by making it available for the customers.

For instance, if you don’t have a particular item in your store front, integrate a barcode scanner that will help you track if that product is available in the warehouse. Send back happy customers by delivering the same product to their doorstep or asking them to come back again.

Going over & beyond

You will get customers who walk into your store and not know what they want. At this time, if you put in a little extra effort to help them out, not only will you generate a sale but also make them happy.

Take lead and help the customer out. The best way to approach a customer is by expressing your opinion on products that suit them the best.

If your shoppers want to be left out alone, do it for them. The saying “one size fits all” will not apply to all customers.

Speed up the checkout queue

Regardless of the popularity of your retail outlet, shoppers don’t want to wait in long billing queues. Some of these shoppers may also end up abandoning their cart if the billing process takes too long.

If you have the right tools and devices at your disposal, speeding up the checkout queue can be made easier. For instance, buy a receipt printer that swiftly prints receipt and requires no ink or ribbon to operate. The star TSP 143III is a great printer by Star Micronics that prints 250mm/second.

The right gadgets on your billing counter will expedite the billing process, further enhancing the customers’ experience.

Educate your staff with product knowledge

Your staff members will only be able to sell better if they know what they are selling. To educate the customers, it is necessary for your staff to be well-versed with each product in your store.

Start by training your staff by making them aware of the in-depth knowledge of the features of the products. If they know the features, understanding the advantages associated with them will be easy to remember.

Once they know how the products work and are aware of the advantages, they will be able to explain the benefits to the customers.

For instance, if you are selling a digital watch, features will include the material that the watch is made of and it’s connectivity with your phone. The advantage will be that it acts as an alternative to your phone. Finally the benefit, the comfort of a mini phone in the hands of the customers, will be well perceived.

Wrapping up 

It is a proven fact that retaining customers through good service can act as a constructive strategy for your business.

To run a retail store successfully, offer enhanced shopping experience to your customers. Deploy the best devices possible, train and prepare your staff members and never disappoint your shoppers.

The only way to derive a perfect strategy to keep your shoppers happy is to study their pattern. Build and incorporate the best POS hardware in your retail outlet and ensure success.


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