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Gone are the days! When we received manual receipts for the purchases, we’ve made from any store. As we’re moving forward with the time and technology advances too, the traditional way of receipts has started falling out of favour. Now, new point-of-sale (POS) system- Thermal Receipt Printer has been making our lives comfortable. It can be operated in a more efficient manner that quite simplifies the functions.

Let’s acknowledge yourself with the term Thermal Receipt Printer, its types, benefits, and where it can be used for the business –

What is Thermal Receipt Printer

A digital printer which produces a printed image on the thermal paper when it passes over the thermal print head. It can print both black and additional colour (often red) at two different temperatures.

Star TSP100 Thermal Receipt Printer usually print more quickly and faster than others. Being smaller and lighter, it is ideal for portability. Simultaneously, it consumes less energy, so it’s good to be used in a retail business.

Classification of Thermal Receipt Printer

Direct Thermal Receipt Printer- commonly uses as point-of-sale (POS) kiosks for printing receipts. It uses special (thermal) paper to print receipts. It is economical in nature as ink cartridges are not used into it; merely thermal paper has to be replaced periodically.

The mechanism of a Thermal Receipt Printer is simple and durable, simply involves changing the paper or wax. It produces quality prints within a few seconds and turns out dry prints that don’t smear.

Where Thermal Receipt Printer Can Be Used

Do you know? ATMs use Thermal Receipt Printer to issue a receipt after the transaction has been done by you. But, nowadays thermal receipt printers are everywhere, even in places and industries you never gave a thought. Here is the list of the places where Thermal Receipt Printers are using since years-

  • Transport Industry- All means of transport- buses, airplanes, ships, and trains are using thermal printers for the issuance of tickets. It is better and faster than making them manually. Now tickets are getting more accessible than earlier.
  • Lottery and Betting- Do you purchase Lottery tickets or Bet on Lotteries? So, in the business of lottery, tickets are printed with thermal printing. And the participants who participated have to buy these tickets before betting.
  • Health Care- In the healthcare department, doctors use portable thermal printers for writing prescriptions for their patients. As of now, pharmacist’s lives are getting more comfortable as they effortlessly understand the writing of the doctors without any discrepancy.
  • If you exclude prescriptions, physicians print ultrasound and electrocardiogram also with a thermal printer. Now, it’s easier to interpret the results as they’ve precisely printed with more transparency.Ultimately, hospitals print the receipt of your bill with a thermal printer and issue it to you.
  • Supermarkets and Grocery Stores- When you shop at several supermarkets or grocery stores, you might find the weighing scales, and cash registers print out a receipt of your purchase. The way of printing these receipts with a thermal printer is better and faster than ordinary printers.
  • Libraries- Nowadays, libraries using thermal receipt printers in the issuance of books in more accurate, affordable, and efficient manner.

These are just the examples to name a few; otherwise, there is ample use of thermal printers everywhere in the market.

Benefits of Buying Star TSP100 Thermal Printer

Thermal Receipt Printer ensures the efficient point-of-sale experience for its customers. Also, many businesses have turned to it as its proven to be cost-effective, and reliable for a favourable outcome. Thermal Receipt Printers are great for many other functions as well. Understand how-

  • Rapid Output- Thermal Receipt Printer prints in milliseconds, and results in extremely high-quality images. The increased speed of printing receipts enables retailer’s business to grow faster.
  • Cost Effective- Being inkless, the thermal printer uses heat to react with the paper for creating images. It refrains itself from using ribbons and cartridges in the process that makes it a money-saver.
  • Low Maintenance- As thermal printer has only one or two moving parts which in turn makes it durable and reliable. Maintenance cost is significantly low as there is a less chance of replenishing of thermal paper rolls. And inserting the thermal printing paper is quite easy which takes up a fraction of the time.
  • Quality Output- Thermal Printer can deliver high-resolution images with long-lasting clarity and durability. The quality is resistant to many factors such as oil, climate, UV rays, etc. The precision of the images makes it legible as there is no ink to smudge in any way.


Star TSP100 Thermal Receipt Printer runs with excellent performance, superior quality, and reduces operating costs at the same time. So, now you know all the right reasons to make it an asset to the business and grows with it gradually.


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