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Choosing a receipt printer for your restaurant kitchen doesn’t have always have to be exhausting. 

Restaurant kitchen generally have a busy work environment where there are less chances of errors. One error means spending hours in remaking those dishes that were mistakenly prepared. This can only create confusion and a lengthy day in the kitchen if it happens several times.

If your staff is writing orders for the kitchen, you are actually troubling yourself. Chefs who are not be able to read a server’s handwriting is left with two choices – guess what the order says or spend time asking the server about the order which can create a ripple effect of waiting in the kitchen.

The extra minutes spending on guessing someone else’s writing or asking them about it, only increases the waiting time for your customers. This ultimately leads to longer wait times for people to be seated. In the restaurant, more waiting time means less table turns which may reduce your profit. However, an Ubereats Receipt Printer can help you retrieve wasted minutes by cutting down meal preparation time spent in correcting mistakes.

Let’s look at options of restaurant kitchen printer that you can buy:

Choose a Thermal Printer

The most well-run kitchens, even the cleanest ones, are full of landmines that can damage electronics, specifically printers. Heat, spills, dust and dirt particles and steam can harm a restaurant kitchen printer and cause expensive downtime while the printer is getting repaired or replaced.

Picking up a thermal receipt printer with robust design that can withstand the harsh kitchen environments, helps you print receipts at a much faster rate in contrast to other printers. The key is to use special thermal paper in this type of printer. With these printers, you have an added advantage of withstanding heat, oil, and other harmful particles in the kitchen.

High-Speed Throughput 

Kitchen reserves can quickly multiply into extra waiting, so whenever possible trim seconds off from the meal preparation time.

A restaurant kitchen printer should have a high-speed throughput, which can increase staff productivity and efficiency in the kitchen. Receipts printed with uber eats receipt printer give clear and easy-to-read picture to the staff. It simply means that they don’t need to play any guessing games with the orders. Kitchen orders can be printed quickly and easily that further enable the staff to assemble the dishes faster and ensure every meal comes out perfectly at the very first attempt. 

Power Supply

If you are operating an expansive kitchen, small kiosk, or food truck, there should be an internal power supply to connect a kitchen printer to start working. An internal power supply helps you eliminate twisting power cords around the kitchen area. Place your printer at different workstations and free up several inches of your valuable space.

Easy Paper Loading

A restaurant kitchen printer that is designed with easy paper loading helps you shave minutes off meal preparation time. It also won’t waste your time on reloading paper or struggling with paper jams. A printer with easy drop-in and print paper loading capability means that your staff can get back to work quickly.

Ubereats Receipt Printer, for a restaurant kitchen, is an important tool for streamlining your kitchen operations.  It prints quickly, clearly and helps your staff to reduce meal preparation times and increase order accuracy.


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