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With countless products scattered around, managing the inventory manually can quite challenging.  It’s important to streamline and optimize existing operational procedures within the supply chain to maintain a competitive edge. Businesses must have a holistic approach toward their supply chain to meet the continually changing demands of the 21st-century customer. With this visibility, eventually, they can simplify their operations to become more cost effective and efficient.

In the same line of thought, for adequate and adaptable inventory management, businesses require a technological outline that eventually augments and refines their existing procedures. Inventory visibility, tracking, management, and order can all be simplified and enhanced with the utilization of technology. It ultimately allows the business to drive costs down and boost productivity.

We have enlisted a few ways that can help refine inventory management and supply chain process if technology incorporates into it.

Cloud-based Tracking

With the current inventory, capacity enables a business to take on projects and provide services without exceeding the budget or incurring unnecessary costs. Also, transparency in inventory control allowing a clear understanding of what goods are unavailable that enables businesses to take immediate action to minimize downstream supply chain problems.

A comprehensive cloud-based inventory tracking system can streamline every aspect of the supply-chain process. It includes data entry, invoicing, order tracking, shipping information, procurement, and delivery. These variables can be tracked in real-time and collected in a single database that allows easy access and reviews at every stage of the process. This results in immediate visibility of goods in or out of stock, which significantly helps in improving order fulfilment.

Interlinking of warehouse tracking options with inventory tracking system enables complete visibility of all products. This technology saves a significant amount of time and money while making the supply chain resilient and adaptable, improving inventory management and processing too.

RFID Solutions

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) helps in identifying and tracking products throughout the supply chain with the use of a small tag. This tag is like a microchip with an aerial, containing digital information of the item. RFID uses radio waves to communicate between the tag and a reading device where it is capable of reading the digital information stored within the microchip.

RFID portals set up by businesses allow tracking of goods supplied and update information whenever products pass through them in continuation. These portals are even capable of tracking large production quantities.

In a situation, where barcode tagging cannot be applied, RFID tagging can prove to be useful. Placing RFID portals at entry or exit points allow businesses to improve inventory security and quality.

Incorporating industrial grade desktop printers can make you truly utilize RFID solutions. These printers are capable of printing large volumes of RFID labels easily and quickly. They are even capable of printing barcodes that enable you to meet the needs of labelling and tagging as quickly and accurately as possible.

Barcode Systems and Scanners

Implementing a barcode system and make it linked with computer tracking software help in reducing errors made in the inventory management and the process of tracking. This system not only improves operational capacity but also eliminates errors on the front-end of the supply chain process. A large warehouse associates with a significant amount of manual data entry that is more prone to errors and possibly be recorded incorrectly. Luckily, scanners and barcodes don’t experience this inconvenience as often.

Barcodes not only safeguarding business’ inventory management but also secure customers. When items have been stolen, barcodes make it easy to track and identify the lost product.

Therefore, Zebra barcode systems and scanners are able to simplify inventory management and acquisition and also prevent potential errors from the beginning. Usage of barcodes ensures that you can continuously provide quality and security to your customer and allow a business to set a standard of service in the market.

Easily Deployable Mobile Devices

The workforce on the ground requires easily accessible mobile solutions even with barcode systems, RFID, and cloud-based inventory management systems. These are small scanners that can identify products and mobile printers that can connect wirelessly to the cloud-based inventory tracking software provide updates in real-time. The warehouse will continuously be moving at every stage of the supply chain process with these mobile solutions. Moreover, there will be no need of manual intervention as everything is interconnected.

Mobile scanners help you streamline inventory control tasks from inventory acquisition to delivery while providing the whole workforce complete visibility of the supply cycle. Also, it enables the smooth transition of information from mobile scanners to mobile devices, and vice-versa.

Small-form Deployable Desktop Printers

Labelling can become an arduous task for those newly received goods or goods prepared for shipping. For example – if a warehouse doesn’t have a deployable desktop printing solution, the time spent in labelling these materials for inventory management and tracking can impact turnaround time and the overall supply chain process.

Warehouses need to incorporate desktop printing solutions which can be implemented at the point of contact that can print in large numbers of labels quickly. These printers can easily be mounted anywhere within a warehouse that enable employees to:

–          Helps in reducing trip times significantly if you produce batches of labels

–          Avoid delays associated with packing up and returning of equipment.

–          Minimise labeling mistakes while increasing the overall accuracy.

Desktop printers are capable of printing the smallest of text as legible labels, even for both human and machine reading. Having a tremendous accuracy helps you reduce the possibility of erroneous labels, which in turn, drastically, create a more streamlined supply-chain process with the help of scanners.

Businesses can refine the overall supply chain process and visibility of their inventory by implementing Zebra barcode scanners at the point of contact. Helps you optimize the supply-chain from the very beginning to reduce errors throughout the process significantly.

Consider buying ZEBRA DS6878 Cordless Imager Scanner that can streamline your operational procedures within the warehouse. Since the demand for goods is continuously increasing, so, the incorporation of a barcode scanner into every business operation is highly necessary to maintain both competitiveness and effectiveness in the market. Barcode Scanners can help you increase the efficiency of your inventory management processes.


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