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Right Receipt Printer with right compatibility at the right place!

It merely matters, what business you’re into! Every retailer needs to get customer orders quickly and conveniently. In a world of online stores, your customers can get almost everything they need. But there is something they’ll keep coming back to you is customer service, what they can’t get online. It’s quite simple to increase the trust of your customers. Just provide their orders on time with a smile, and hand them a receipt printed from Star TSP143III Receipt Printer.

Star TSP143III Receipt Printer delivers you ethernet printer solution that specializes in printing receipts in a couple of seconds. While printing receipts, it uses a unique roll of paper that contains wax or resin as it doesn’t require any drying time. The device only heats up that area where the text is on to print quickly and efficiently.

However, you can’t be in the magical world as every business needs a solution that works with their point of sale system. Nowadays, today’s service industries are growing speedily. No one is clinging on a cash register to maintain and using handwritten receipts. Every business can take benefit of the expanding technology. Even it is for POS Receipt Printer. Well, there are the ton of brands available in the market, so how would you be able to determine which one is the best for your business?

Therefore, here we’re acknowledging you with the factors to be considered while buying POS Receipt Printer –

How Fast Should It Be?

Speed is the key. Businesses who invest must care about how quickly they can serve to their customers. In today’s environment, there is an ease of picking up customer orders on fingertips through machines that is much faster than doing things by hands. Then, the salesman hit the receipt printer bottleneck to get the print.

POS Receipt Printers can measure their speed of printing. Yes! It calculates its speed either in receipts per minute (RPMs) or millimetres per second (mm/s). One of the faster printers, Star TSP143III Receipt Printer, runs with the speed of 250 mm/s. And, in a high-volume enterprise, every second can make a difference between keeping a queue of customers moving or standing frustrated in the back. Accordingly, buy Star TSP143III Receipt Printer from WishaPOS to cater the market.

Is It Compatible With A Tablet?

As you know, the days of the dedicated cash register are over. Now you can take orders and payments right from a mobile POS system on a Wi-Fi enabled tablet for serving customers quickly. But, what about when the customer needs a receipt of their expenses? Should the employee go back to the place, log in again, and print the receipt from there? Not required.

You’ll be able to print the receipts right from the table with a good POS receipt printer. Buy Star TSP143III Receipt Printer that uses Wi-Fi, Apple MFi, or Bluetooth for making the process faster. It eradicates the set-up issues around pairing and network infrastructure related to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi/wired LAN. The device gives adequate working space to the user.

Can Receipt Be Customized?

Businesses can record their transactions too! It’s a marketing opportunity to serve the customers continually. What if you can add your phone number, web address, or maybe even a logo to promote the business. Sometimes, you also get feedback from surveys or added offers on that receipts. A white plain receipt would be a waste.

Through Star TSP143III Receipt Printer, it’s possible to print logos, and contact information on a receipt roll beforehand. It won’t cost you extra bucks for sure.

How Fast Does A Paper Load?

What if, your customers are in a queue and suddenly it’s time to change the paper in a receipt printer. Everything grinds to a halt while the person figures out how to get the paper in place and aligned with the system. Then, comes a test receipt.

Nevertheless, to make the process faster, look at Star TSP143III Receipt Printer. It gives you an ease of changing paper as simple as it can be. You just need to do few simple steps- Pop the top and drop in a new roll and pull it back. That’s it. The line keeps moving, and your customers would get what they need without any inconvenience. The faster you serve, more profits at the end of the day.

What About Power Supply?

For Receipt Printers, you can’t avoid a source of power as it requires heat to trade ink with a little electricity. You need to charge batteries regularly which may lead to delay services. But Star TSP143III Receipt Printer runs on USB power (5V-1Amp) that takes limited power supply. It conserves less power and paper, which directly proportional to retaining money. You don’t even need to think much about their power consumption.

You know, a right POS Receipt Printer can complement a POS system and further increases your business’s speed and efficiency. Just for utility’s sake, buy Star TSP143III Receipt Printer to get every potential customer back to you.


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