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What comes to your mind when you think of a barcode scanner? You think of a handheld machine that cashiers use at check-out counters. However, those scanners are typically wired to the point-of-sale (POS) system or in-counter scanners that cannot go anywhere.

Most businesses (of any kind) have started to use barcodes on their products and scanners to read those barcodes. From entertainment to healthcare to manufacturing to retail, everyone is doing their part of surviving in this competitive market. There is absolutely no business that wouldn’t benefit from integrating barcode scanning systems into their back-end.

Nearly every other industry and business, whether small or large, use barcoding system to manage their year-end inventory, POS (point-of-sale) system, keeping track of vital assets, and even employee time tracking, unlike using manual data entry.

Users can enter data accurately and effectively that is much faster than manual inputs by using barcode technology and without any scope of errors. Let’s put it in a different way, you’ll find mistakes when you use manual data entry whereas barcode scanners do not make mistakes unless there is a problem with the barcode itself. These problems include rips, tears, heat-related issues, poor printing quality, and more.

Businesses are looking forward to using scanners as they are more versatile and easier-to-use for daily business operations. These devices come in different shapes, sizes, colours, and types and can be bought depending on the business application.

Wireless barcode scanners, in particular, are great not only for large businesses but even for small companies, to increase both productivity and efficiency.

We have come up with a few advantages of wireless barcode scanners over their wired counterparts.


Wireless Barcode Scanners are an absolute pillar of the business operations that offer you freedom from cable clutter around your POS system. These devices allow you to roam around the store to count that year-end inventory while staying connected via Bluetooth.

Imagine, if you have to bring your huge inventory to the counter to get it scanned when you need to count your inventory. It does sounds like an impossible task. Wireless barcode scanners bring you the liberty of taking them wherever you go and update the stock and assets right away.

Increase Durability

Collection of data involves moving around the store and warehouse, not for once but many times a day. Wireless scanners are built to last and are ideal for such environments. The odds of dropping the device may increases if scanners are not connected to the central computer.

NEXA CM-520 Barcode Scanner is an excellent example as it is tested to withstand multiple drops to hard surface areas, such as concrete shipping floor. This barcode scanner can even be used in extreme conditions, such as warehouses where the environment is extremely cold for increasing the life of products, or maybe outdoors where there can be dust, dirt, and other grime.

Cost Savings

Wireless barcode scanners save you tens, hundreds, or even thousands of labour hours. Tasks involved that used to take all day, from checking inventory levels to end-of-year audits, can now be completed within minutes. The upfront investment on a scanner is lesser than what it offers in return.

Barcode scanners also save you a great amount of money by decreasing the number of inventories or assets lost to shrinkage. Inventories and assets sometimes go missing because of honest mistakes that can happen during the counting or swiping the machine over the product mistakenly. An automated system of scanning products with a scanner encourages transparency, accountability, and reliability.

Improve Efficiency

With the help of wireless barcode scanners, you can easily maintain the stock levels and stock outs of your inventories and assets. This automation of counting quantities of inventories help you stay updated with the numbers at the store or warehouse.

By using scanners in the inventory management system can also alleviate sales with a significant percentage. Investing in such barcode scanners keep you on top of your game.

Intuitive and Easy-to-Use

The key is to buy the most intuitive barcode scanners for your employees that are also simple to use. One of the most common models – NEXA CM-520 that has easy-to-use trigger function with an error-free engine with no wires that get tangled, twisted, and eventually causes connection issue.

Barcode scanners come with multi-year warranties as well as technical lifetime support of the product. You just need to dial your service provider number to get help. They will quickly walk you through technical issues.

Additional Range 

Wireless Barcode Scanners are must for businesses to increase productivity and efficiency of your operations. These scanners not only allow your employees to track inventory and manage business assets remotely (sometimes even up to 160 feet!), but also allow additional range by providing internal memory storage. You’ll be able to store multiple barcodes scans in this internal storage and never be out of range from the transmitter base.

Adopting barcode technology is continually improving business operations that allow them to run their businesses efficiently. Wireless Barcode Scanners such as NEXA CM-520 multiplies the benefits in a business operations that are more evident than ever.


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