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Supermarkets are probably the busiest stores in a locality, which must operate seamlessly for a comfortable shopping experience to the customers. While offering the latest products to the customers is important to gain their trust and loyalty, making sure you offer them a shopping environment which is effortless, is necessary too.

We are all aware that supermarkets offer a ridiculously wide range of products, with an extraordinary sales volume for products that are both perishable and non-perishable. In an environment so robust, managing the inventory, maintaining a seamless checkout system, keeping customers satisfied and increasing revenue almost certainly appears like an impossible task to conduct.

The truth, however, is that supermarket owners who are successful in managing everything well are flourishing with profitability. Now, the essence of a supermarket starts from a wide range of products, well managed staff and a good POS system to support your business end-to-end.

To manage multiple deliveries from numerous vendors on every day basis, you require a robust inventory system to track every product in your warehouse and in your outlet. To help you get started, we have come up with a list of POS hardware that are essential for your supermarket to run smoothly. Have a look:

Printer – Receipt & label printing

This one tops the list because, as a layman, the first device that a business owner intends on buying is a receipt printer, even if it is a completely digitalised world. We are all aware that it is mandatory to buy a receipt printer but what we don’t know is which one to go with. It is advisable to go with a printer that can be connected to your POS system wirelessly through Bluetooth and offers printing at an extraordinary speed. The Star TSP 143III is an excellent receipt printer that most retails chains are opting for. You can simply charge this device through a USB charging point for a lasting 8-10 hours of battery.

If your store also sells products of its own, including vegetables, bakery items or spices that require printing on a small scale, you can always go with a wireless label printer that comes with adhesive. This way, your staff will be able to label items at several locations of your store without moving them to a dedicated space.


To buy a scale for your supermarket, it is important to access the requirement first. If you require scale that can measure item and label them simultaneously then you can with a label printing scale.

You can also find a scale that helps in computing prices using measuring an item. You can go with CAS ER Plus Price Computing Scale which is the most popular category type for retail stores. This robust device is capable of measuring up to 15 kg weight which can be viewed the measurement of the product through the LCD display of this product. The dust and splash proof device automatically turns off when it is not in use.

Barcode scanner

You can probably never imagine a retail store without a barcode scanner, especially the one that experiences heavy footfall on every day basis. If supermarkets didn’t have scanners, they would always be crowded with long checkout customer queues. It is impossible to imagine entering the Universal Product Code of each item to conduct a manual sale in today’s world.

We are fortunate that we live in a world that besides doing the mainstream duty, it can do so much more than we can imagine. To begin with you can find scanners in many shapes, a hand free device such as an In-Counter, Presentation or Fixed Mount Scanner perform most efficiently. If the store size is smaller, then you can also go with a handheld scanner.

If you have an advanced version of a barcode scanner, you can manage your inventory to check if it is time to order items, to check the expiry of the products and track the position of each item in your store. Like we discussed, there is so much you can do with just a scanner.

Card Reader

Obviously you will need a card reader to take payments for all the users who prefer paying through a card. While we know that this item is recognisable one on this list, the one that you’re going to go with is not. A card reader is something that can slow down the process of your checkout counter if you end up buying a bad one.

With a variety of options available in the market, make sure you lay your hands on a device that offers multiple payment options to the customers, icing on the cake if your card reader if it’s wireless. Additionally, these devices can also be fixed in your POS terminal if you don’t want an extra machinery.

Cash Drawer

This is probably the most trouble-free device in a point of sales set up, a cash drawer need no definition or any explanation for the features it possesses. However, there have been constant efforts to introduce technical features in this simple machine.

In the present times, you can come across two categories of cash drawers – namely manual and electronic. The manual cash drawers come with lock and key and can be found in both drawer and flip top versions.

For a supermarket, it is recommended to go with an electronic version of this device. Even if your customers are paying cash, your cash drawer will only open when a transaction takes place. This means you can protect your liquid cash from being stolen from your staff members and burglars. A variety of interfaces, including serial and USB are available in electronic cash drawers.

POS Terminal

A POS Terminal is an electronic screen that can be both touch screen and standard. These devices are capable of processing card payments, record transaction and print them too. These screens are the face of your entire Point of Sale system, every time your employee scans a product barcode to make a transaction, a POS terminal will be the one to display information.

Additionally, your POS terminal is equipped to interpret the barcodes, prepare a bill by adding transaction and command the printer for a receipt. While small businesses prefer using basic monitors for their retails stores, supermarkets that are big in size prefer using an All-in-one POS Terminal.

Before POS terminals came into existence, retail businesses commonly used cash registers with a very basic display. Nowadays, retailers are replacing POS terminals with tablets, mobile computers and purpose built systems. Bigger chains like supermarkets still prefer using a POS Terminal for the robust features it offers.

Choosing the POS hardware for your supermarket

Before buying an appropriate set up for your point of sale process, it is important that you analyse the overall store process, the number of counters you will have and the size of your supermarket too. Ask yourself the following questions:

How many counters will you have for the checkout process?

A number of supermarkets prefer keeping the billing of different categories of products in different places. While the perishable items, such as vegetables, grains and spices can be billed in one place, other items such as stationery, household items etc can be billed together. You can have a small set up in the food section with price computing scale that will help spread the crowd.

What is the size of your store?

The size of your supermarket will be an important factor to determine the number of POS hardware you will need and also their type. If your store is smaller in size, it is ideal to go for wireless equipment which is compact and helps save more space on your counter, making it look lesser crowded. For instance: instead of going for a full-blown POS terminal, you can always work your way out of a tablet or an iPad with a good POS software. This, however, will only work for smaller set-ups.

Guidance from a POS Hardware supplier

Retail businesses that work on POS equipment day in and day out, certainly need the help of a reliable POS hardware supplier, irrespective of the size of the business. The compatibility of one device with the other, the wear and tear of the device’s parts and the understanding of the devices can only be possible if you’re buying the equipment from a reliable POS hardware online store.

Wish A POS is reliable POS Hardware Australia supplier that only guides through the process of buying the right equipment for your business but also lends some good insight on your next purchase. The team of expert POS specialists understand each product that is listed on the website and offer advise accordingly.

If you are looking for the point of sales hardware for your supermarket, you can always get in touch with Wish A POS to know the latest technology and the products that will fit your requirements the best. Visit Wish A POS to find a range of over 5000 products for every retail outlet needs.


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