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When you heard these two words – ‘barcode scanner,’ the first thing that comes to the mind is generally the check-out counter at supermarkets. Using these machines for reading barcodes at the supermarket is an excellent example of the usefulness of barcodes.

Without barcode scanners, buying groceries would take ages, and even supermarkets would often run out of needed items as there would be possibilities of disorganized inventory control. There are many more possibilities and remarkable ways to use these barcode scanners besides using them for inventory control.

Barcode scanners increasingly become the indispensable part of most industries and organizations every day. In addition to that, barcodes have transformed the way people do business, communicate and organize their inventory and fixed assets.

Here are the most creative applications of barcode scanners –

Events, travel, and movies

When a user purchases the ticket for entering into the theatre or the event, it is used to be scanned through a barcode scanner to quickly identify and verify the user’s information before entering into the theatre or the event. The use of barcode scanners brings a lot more convenience by keeping track of sales and the revenue generated from any of the event and movie theatres.

The entertainment industry is getting benefits of using barcode scanners as nowadays people are using their mobile phones to demonstrate their tickets instead of actual (paper) tickets that cost less to event organizers as well. In the same way, with online booking systems for travel, whether through flights, trains, or buses, travelers can print out their boarding pass and check-in by showing the barcode using their smartphones.


Barcode scanners are being used to reach out to customers in a more interactive, engaging, and unique way by advertisers. Consumers can discover a lot more information about the product advertised just by downloading the app in their smartphones that can read barcodes (as every product has a barcode).

Most of the products are labeled with 2D barcodes that are capable of storing more information, like manufacturing date, time, and place, and much more to help you learn more about the product or service. Some of the barcodes also contain information about your location of purchase, the direction of the place it is purchased, and the contact information of a manufacturer. This type of 2D barcodes is generally used in Japan on their products.

Government organizations

Government organizations such as law enforcement, the military, and the fire or emergency services are account for a variety of tools and assets that are purchased with public money. In addition to these tools and assets, the use of even more applications like body cameras and protective armor require tracking. Therefore, a barcode scanner is account for tracking certain piece of equipment which is crucial for ensuring every officer, soldier, firefighter, and other public workers are in need to do their jobs, and when they need it.

By using barcode scanners, taxpayers can do a quality asset tracking of their expensive assets that go missing due to theft or misappropriation. Consequently, when government organizations run more effectively, everyone wins.

Food tracking

Some apps are there that help you track the food you eat during the day through barcodes labeled on food products. As your smartphone is working as a barcode scanner, all you need to do is to take an image of the barcode on the food product you are eating. You can track your food intake by uploading the image on the app that will show you the nutrition information on the item.

Today, there are many apps coming up that can tell you the exact calorie count you are having during the day that helps you manage your weight. This is pretty convenient that gives you a more detailed food diary for your weight management.


The use of barcodes in games have been around since the 90s. Consoles are being created specifically for games, like Skannerz, which was released in 2000. The general ideation was to capture monsters by scanning them and then combatting with other players.

Nowadays, smartphone games are being played by users rather using dedicated consoles to play these games. With barcode scanners, you can scan certain items used in the game with your smartphone only that generates a monster. And in addition to scanning, you can even train that monster to level up and then use it for competing with other players.

Art and pop culture

Barcodes is a compelling symbol of consumerism – to promote the interests of consumers. These barcodes are not just found on product packaging anymore but become so popular that they have been started used as an inspiration for art and architecture.

Today, barcodes are turning up everywhere from tattoos to graffiti to home décor. No matter what, if they are infused with meanings, or merely appreciated for their visual impact. These forms of barcode art and culture, these ubiquitous black and white lines and make them funny, provocative and beautiful, that can also be discovered through a barcode scanner. 

Big-box retailers

Retailers are using barcodes that are virtually present on every other product. But as-of-now barcodes have changed the scale by which these businesses can work under the radar. These barcodes fundamentally altered the trajectory of business operations.

With the use of barcode scanners, businesses transform their supply chain, can continuously communicate with manufacturers and suppliers, and push them to produce & deliver goods faster. Retailers have found the most innovative, creative and effective solutions for inventory management using barcode scanners. These scanners help retailers to track exactly where the products are located.


Barcode scanners are significantly used in the healthcare industry. These scanners are being used to track inventory such as medications or surgical equipment. These inventories are of vital importance in the healthcare as they are used to be scanned to grant access or validate patients to use. The realm of pharmaceuticals has devastating results with the usefulness of barcode scanners. These scanners have taken over a manual tracking system as they help in reducing the human error. Healthcare professionals are now able to scan the barcode of a patient that ensures if the medication they are giving is both accurate and in stock for future dosages. 


When it comes to maintaining an accurate accounting of laptops, tablets, laboratory equipment, and even textbooks, schools are in crucial need of using barcode scanners to keep track of these assets to sustain grants. The costs can add up and leave up to manual hand counts if schools are failing to track the location of school assets accurately.

With the help of barcode scanners, schools are now able to keep their assets safe from theft and mismanagement. Having said that, they also used to help teachers, administrators and even temporary employees to avoid lengthy summer audits where each asset must be accounted for.

Professional sports and entertainment

Considering the assets require at the field, whether for cricket, football, or any other sports across the country. Everything from security to food to the scoreboard and technical production even needs to be covered through a barcode tracking system. In this scenario, the sports production department use barcode scanners to track hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment to not to leave a shortfall during game sessions.

Utilization of barcode scanners save the team thousands of labor hours and ensures peace of mind.

Barcoding in your business?

The sub-categories of each of these industries/departments are nearly endless.

Barcode scanners are now helping shoppers to understand the health value of any item by scanning a barcode on the nutritive consumer product.

The use of barcode scanners in different departments is proliferating at an amazing rate. If we talk in general that there is a lot of money at stake and that money is bundled up in the use of individual moving parts that can go missing out or breaking down at a moment’s notice. Barcoding system comes with an asset management system both for inventory and fixed assets that goes a long way to get the most effective use out of the investments made.

Barcode scanning system is a technology wherein a series of lines and spaces of 2D barcodes representing a numerical code that corresponds to a product already present in a database. In the case of 2D barcodes that comprises of different shapes and sizes holding even more information about a product in contrast to 1D barcodes. These codes are common in use since the 1970s, which is something new in technological advances since ever. Use of a barcoding system has really transformed business processes concerning improving operational efficiencies of the business. From small retail stores to large companies, utilization of barcode scanners has provided significant benefits to increasing the organization’s overall productivity.

Are you looking for the easiest to use barcode scanners? Handheld Barcode Scanners and Socket Barcode Scanners can assist you in your business operations.

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