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Can you ever imagine a scenario when you walk into a retail store and spend half an hour browsing shelves boarded with different products? Yes, you can. After picking a couple of items, you finally make your way to the billing counter. At the billing counter, you come across an old point-of-sale system and you spend the longest time for your purchase to go through, all because of a clunky, time-consuming POS system.

In this situation, you may be happy with the items you have purchased, but the extra time that you spent on the check out counter has tampered with your overall shopping experience. You will think twice before returning to this store the next time, especially if there are more retail stores who are giving effortless checkout experiences.

Now that you know how your customers rate their shopping experience, it will be easier for you to understand the importance of creating frictionless experiences for your customer. If you have failed to do so, it will ultimately be a loss to your business and eventually result in losing customers.

To bring out a change and simplify things, we have a list of advice that you can use if you need an upgrade on your checkout counter. Learn what they are:


When the queue gets too long

If you think like a shopper, there’s nothing more annoying than waiting in a long queue with people who are getting their items scanned through a single sales associate at a single open cash register.

Adding new efficient cash registers that can work at the click of a button will simply let you alleviate traffic stress and avoid customer nuisance.  On a side note, you will need a team of sales executives to operate these cash registers.

Using traditional point-of-sale systems and cash registers will only get you so far, no matter how many you are using at once. You can integrate touch screen cash registers with your point of sale system to enhance customer’s shopping experience. Additionally, these registers save time during the checkout process as they work speedily and efficiently.


Make use of integrated payments

Buying an efficient cash register is a great way of improving the checkout experience from the payments perspective.

Primarily, you will need a payment processor that can be integrated with your current point of sale system. If you are planning to switch your payment device, consider buying mobile receipt printers which are also very handy because of their size.

Payment integration helps to centralize your operations and to minimize efficiencies. Additionally, it also eliminates manual keying-in and allows you to access your retail store data, while accept payments at one place to keep sales fast, simple, and mobile.

If you go with an integrated payments system, you can simply direct the flow of your receipt from your POS system, which simply means that your checkout process will be much faster and more secure. Creating a shopping experience like this, will certainly drive your customers to your store the next time, eventually increasing repeat shoppers.

When printing the receipt is taking too long

If you want to operate your sales from a computer or a mobile device, switch to a cloud-based point of sale system. This system allows you to come out from that space behind the counter and gives you freedom to walk around your store and process sales at the customer’s seating area.

Speaking of modern cash registers, they are considerably faster and give you the freedom to use the world as your checkout counter. Mobilization of cash registers let you send receipts to customers via email or texts. Rather than making your customers wait for their receipts that you are going to physically print, you can simply hand them over electronic records of their purchases.

By doing so, you are giving them convenience to have an electronic record, instead of filing paper receipts. This way you can also eliminate the drama of long queues and streamline your checkout counter process.

Add mobile payments as a part of your POS system

There are more than a hundred million mobile users around the world which gives us more reason to take a step further to introduce mobile and contact less payments in your store(s).

Whether you adapt to a mobile point of sale systems or use third-party payment option, mobile payments will be an absolute help to speed up the checkout process and improve.

Mobile payments like these are normally done from mobile wallets. Customers can simply scan a QR code in your store and pay instantly within seconds of getting their items scanned. These payments take much lesser time as compared to cash payments and card payments. As a sales executive, you don’t need to look for change in case you receive cash for the items purchased or wait for the network for card payments.

Whether you are handling a retail store or any other business, point of sale devices play a critical role in operating your sales operations smoothly and efficiently.

Effortless checkout process cannot be done in minutes, you need to plan well in advance. A part of your planning should include buying the right POS devices beforehand.


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