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Barcode Scanner, a machine that is being used for decades to help you interpret the information enveloped in barcodes (black and white stripes or different QR codes).

They can majorly be benefitting wholesalers and retailers while taking orders, or during store visits.

If you are looking for a barcode scanner, make sure you pick the one that can help you streamline your daily operations. You can either go with a corded or a wireless option, depending on the need of your business. These devices, when connecting with your point-of-sale (POS) system, allow you to read barcodes with ease and are capable of scanning barcodes from 30 – 150 feet. They are handy to enterprises who stock a considerable number of products while keeping their inventory on the check.

Let’s look at options that you may want to consider before buying a barcode scanner:

Use as Device Keyboard While Scanning

Majority of Bluetooth barcode scanners act as an external keyboard for your device. In simpler words, when a barcode is scanned, it enters an input field on your device, which is almost like someone has typed the barcode very quickly.

While using the scanner, you may, however, want the option to use your actual keyboard. Take an instance when you are scanning a product. You may want to make notes or change a quantity. This is when you will probably need your keyboard along with your scanner. In the situation going for a scanner that has a switch function and allows you to move between the scanner and the mobile device’s keyboard.

Multiple Device Use

Figure out if you need a scanner that can pair with multiple devices. Wish A POS stocks a variety of scanners that can be paired with multiple devices, and can also be connected via Bluetooth. This feature comes quite handy when you the device has to be shared amongst several employees. You can also pair other scanners with a standard device at one time.

When you want to pair a scanner with a new device, the scanner will forget the older one to pair with the new one. This feature may work for individual sales representatives who may be using the scanner exclusively.

Barcode Support

You must be familiar with different barcode formats that exist. There are some scanners that that can support more than one barcode format. Make sure that the scanner you are looking for must support the barcodes you use.

Clip-on vs. Separate Unit

If you are choosing a barcode scanner that can clip onto your device. This will make your device more user friendly, rather than juggling between two devices. These clip-on units, however, are on the higher end than the regular Bluetooth Barcode Scanners.


Make sure that the scanner you go with carries a warranty policy to make sure that you are not left in the lurch if the scanner breaks or malfunctions.

Battery Life

When you are consider buying a scanner, make sure to look into the average battery life. It is very important for your barcode scanner to have a good battery life, especially if your business includes field work.


Look for customizations. This should include changing the beep volume, setting an automatic shut-off time, or a button scan vs. continuous scan function.


How important is it for your barcode scanner to be durable? If a barcode scanner is solidly built, it’s worth spending a little more rather than investing in a cheaper one made with light plastic. Imagine the condition of your barcode scanner when you accidently drop it? Does the scanner have any external padding to protect it? A good body barcode scanner will only last longer and require low maintenance.

Consider barcode scanning with these scanners –

Motorola CS3070

A scanner that provides real-time capture and transmission to a host application, connecting via Bluetooth to devices. With 12-hour battery life, this scanner ensures a scanning performance that can work for a whole day on the field. Designed with two-button, you can easily hold it easily, no training required.

Cipherlab 1660

A pocket-sized scanner that has a lot of scanning power in a small mobile package. Built-in BT, this scanner allows instant data scanning to a BT-compatible PDA notepad PC or any BT device. With replaceable AAA batteries, it continually operates through multiple shifts that never interrupt work whenever a recharge is needed.

KOAMTAC KDC-400 Series

An excellent choice if you want to work with a single device. It easily attaches to your mobile device, whether it’s a smartphone or tablet. Instead of holding a mobile device and a scanner at the same time, you’ll be keeping one all-in-one tool. It has a built-in 1200 mAh rechargeable battery, which can be used as an external power source for your mobile device.

Wish A POS has a gamut of Bluetooth barcode scanners that help you ease your scanning operations.


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