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Barcode Scanners have become an essential tool for the businesses. Probably, you have seen it everywhere in the marketplace reading barcodes. Every other barcode scanners are working at different speeds with their own processing time. Thus, it can have an impact on customer experience afterward. But, which barcode scanner is the right one for your business? Let’s find out.

Let’s talk about the most popular barcode scanner, i.e., Handheld Scanner. It refers to a small manual scanning device which is moved over the object that needs to be scanned. To use a handheld scanner, your hand needs to be steady all the time. Even a slight movement of hand can lead to distortion of the image, in that case, you have to be specific while choosing the barcode scanner.

In that case, the most significant factor is the usage of a barcode scanner in your store. If you have a small business, you can use them at the POS, but not for inventory. Since you are running a large business, use the scanners for physical inventory which can save a lot of time. Connectivity between the device and your POS database plays a crucial role in the functioning of the Scanners. They’re only as good as the connectivity. In other words, we can say, you can buy the best scanner from the market but what if your POS system is not set to handle it. Then, it would be a debatable point!

In fact, mostly the popular POS systems come equipped with the barcode scanner in the box. But the point is, when it comes to inventory functions, your system may not be ready for it. So, check your current software’s functionality before making any decision on which scanner to buy. Well, we can help you find the best-suited barcode scanner to meet the demands of your business. We have a range of barcode scanners that read 1D, 2D, and QR codes. They’re even compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Here, we are also going to discuss the types of handheld scanners which you need to consider as a company.

Types of Handheld Scanners

There are four types of Handheld scanners that you can count on –

Laser Handheld Scanner – A laser Scanner is the most common type of Barcode Scanner. It doesn’t need to be in contact with a barcode to read it. There is a standard range to scan a barcode that is from 6 to 24 inches away.

A laser scanner with long range can read the barcodes from about 2 to 8 feet away. And a few other long-range laser scanners are capable of reading from up to 30 feet away. These are being often built to handle in hand like a gun quickly, but in regularity also constructed for counter-top or fixed mount applications.

CCD Handheld Scanner – CCD is Charge Coupled Device that uses an imaging CCD to take a picture of barcodes. They are then decoded into a sequence of characters. They have a breakneck scan speed, a low scan range, though.

These barcode scanners do not have any moving parts and are limited to scan the image under the imaging element. So, sometimes they can be durable for your business.

Imager Handheld Scanner – It functions like more of a digital camera and capable of reading two-dimensional symbology. This symbology comes in a variety of styles like- some resembles a chessboard or the native UPS code. The imager bounces a burst of light off of the barcode rather than bouncing one or several beams of intense light off of a barcode.

Once the functionality is being done, then it gets back into a camera-like eye. They are designed to be capable of capturing photos like a camera cell phone because of having a camera-like eye. Often used to store images of a signature or I.D.

Omnidirectional Handheld Scanner – Unlike Laser Barcode Scanner, it works with the addition of several mirrors and other reflective devices to transform one laser line into many, but all at different angles. This benefits into the fast reading of barcodes at any angle that makes it a perfect choice for POS installations, like at a grocery store.

So, would you be able to find out what type of scanner is best for you? We suggest you read about how to streamline your POS system with handheld barcode scanners. If you are looking for that type of barcode scanners, then buy POS Handheld Scanners Online from Wish A POS to give a boost to your business. Well, it will depend to a great extent on whether you need more mobility or want to have it directly wired to your computer.


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