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Selecting the Right Mounting Solution

Mounting solutions are as old as dinosaurs. Mounts have been making unimaginable space on our work desks, television units, cash counters and countless other places. Other than keeping the device safe from the hidden damages, mounting solutions have been quite...

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Selecting the Right Consumables

Running out of consumables can be horrifying, especially if you are new to a device. A wide range of sizes, adhesive, color and print method to choose from, makes it very difficult for anybody to decide the compatibility of the device with the consumable. It is...

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Selecting the Right Cash Register

What comes to your mind when you think of a cash register? People who are not aware of this term will say anything that keeps a record of your money is a cash register. Technically, Cash Register is a device that can calculate financial transactions and complete sales...

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Selecting the Right Printer

Printers are an essential part of all businesses that require printing labels, receipts, wristbands and plastic cards. Printers are usually built around Inkjet, Impact, Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer print technologies. Amongst these, the printers that use...

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Picking The Perfect Point of Sale System

POS systems come in a range of options, depending on what kind of functionality your business needs. The needs of, say, a shopping store are different from that of a café or a restaurant. This disparity ensures that a one-size-fits-all solution can’t suffice for all...

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Selecting The Right Barcode Scanner

When you think of Barcode Scanners, you think of a machine that makes your business life easy on everyday basis. However, it was not the same a decade ago. Using barcode scanners would mean inviting a family of wires on your counter which would run around all places....

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