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A Dot Matrix Printer moves either back and forth, or in an up and down motion on a page and prints through hitting inked-ribbon against the paper to reproduce characters, symbols and images. The printing mechanism is much like a typewriter. These printers entered the labor market to replace typewriters and daisywheel printers, and are used by many industries due to their durability and reliability.

Dot Matrix Printers still contribute value to most businesses who are looking for devices that are robust and cost-effective at the same time.  Capable of printing from 280 characters to 1066 characters per second, these printers can make multiple copies of your print simultaneously. These printers are equipped with the ability to print on a single paper sheet and change the font and create characters in bold and italics. The print quality is determined by the number of pins, that ranges from 9 to 32. BIXOLON SRP-275 Dot Matrix Receipt Printer  has 9-pin serial that provides high-speed dot matrix printing. It’s relative speed, and smaller size makes it perfect for small desks.

Bixolon’s SRP-275 Dot Matrix Printer is an enhanced version of the SRP-270 which is quite reliable and fast. The improved easy-to-use features work well for a restaurant, hospitality, and retail environments. It is designed for high-speed receipts in two-color (black and red) printing to highlight special offers and logo.

Let’s discuss the advantages of dot matrix printers for your day-to-day printing operations:

Hostile Environments

Unlike other printers, dot matrix printers are highly resistant to environments with extreme temperatures and dust and yet produce a reliable output for long. It works on a simple technology, using printhead and a ribbon for lubrication, which is well-suited for remote locations.

Monochrome Output

The dot matrix printer is an ideal choice if your printing applications don’t require full-color output. You can find dot matrix printers that produce color images as well, but with limitations.

Multi-part Forms

The dot matrix printers use an impact print head that strikes the paper, where it is coated with micro-encapsulated ink on its reverse side or sandwiched with carbon paper. This process allows generating multiple copies, sometimes up to 10. Business such as repair centres, shipping and warehousing are using this printer to distribute paperwork among divisions or departments that need multiple copies of the same document or label.

Cost Considerations

Dot matrix printer uses economic ribbons with little maintenance, whereas, the toner cartridges used for laser printing costs higher. Its lifespan ranges from four to seven years and lasts twice as long as a laser printer. An ink-ribbon can last up to a year which is subjected to the usage, and its consumables cost less than the ribbons of typewriters.

Have you ever thought of bringing back the dot matrix technology to your office or home? Buy the BIXOLON SRP-275 Dot Matrix Receipt Printer or get in touch with us to know more about it.


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