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Upsonic Power is a leading Australian brand that was eatablished in the year 1997. Since then, the brand has grown to be recognized as truly dedicated manufacturer globally. Upsonic Power provides a solution to guarantee clean reliable power for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial purposes. All products in the Upsonic range has shut down software installed that prevents data-loss. The device is also equipped with necessary cables to save and close down your files and operating system effortlessly. Your files and data are kept safe even in the event of a total power failure. If you have been looking for UPSonic Power products for Australia wide delivery at competitive prices then you are at the right place. Wish A POS is one stop for all POS solutions.

Upsonic UPS DS600 600va is a high-quality and light-weighted system that can be used for general purposes. The device includes a Microprocessor control and Built-in DC start function. It is equipped with Buck and Boost AVR and User-Replaceable Battery Design. The user gets the advantage of Modem/Phoneline Surge Protection which enhances work-efficiency. Buy Upsonic UPS DS600 600v with Smart RS-232 and USB Communication Port at a nominal price on our online retail store.

Upsonic UPS Orion 750va offers versatile arrangement and compact design for the limited working environment that secures your data from loss. It is Built in Smart RS232 and USB port and the battery is also user-replaceable. The device comes with Network/Modem Surge Protection and DC Start Function along with a long-life battery. Check out our wide range of Upsonic products that are durable and reliable. For all sort of assistance, contact our customer care support system.