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Point Mobile

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Point Mobile is one of the leading manufacturers of two-way radio and radio detectors. This popular offers handheld terminals, enterprise mobility products, rugged Android systems, mobile payment devices and much more. The brand also provides product and market research, industrial design, development, manufacturing, and post-release management services for OEMs/ODMs since 1996. A wide range of point mobile products can be found on Wish A POS that are widely used in retail businesses, such as logistics solutions, department stores, grocery and supermarkets, manufacturing and warehouse management systems.

Point Mobile PM450 is suitable for intensive barcode scanning job with mobility at your rugged environment. PM450 with latest Cortex A8 @ 1GHz processor is available on Wish A POS at affordable prices. This device has 512MB RAM memory and 1GB Flash ROM that is good to run a variety of embedded applications. If you are looking for 2 different sets of keypad like 32 key Numeric/shifted Alpha & 56 key Full Alpha/Numeric, in a single device for ease of use at any applications, this product is right for you. The user can easily switch keypad within minutes at their workplace. Find this device in variants such as PM450 1D / Laser and PM450 2D / Imager on our online retail store.

PM60 Single Ethernet Cradle is the best charging device for your mobile computer imager/scanner. PM60 Single Ethernet Cradle is embedded with AC/DC power adaptor. Buy this High performing quality product on for Australia wide delivery. For more details, connect with our customer care representatives who are available around the clock for all sort of assistance.