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OPTICON is one of the leading experts in the world to specialize in manufacturing barcode scanners It has been serving to us for over 40 years. A huge progress can be seen in Inventory management, asset management, and order picking because of the dynamic barcode scanners manufactured by this company. OPTICON has evolved as an international supplier of an extensive range of 1D and 2D scanning solutions, that include POS scanners, rugged mobile devices, and pocket-sized Bluetooth scanners. Find a large variety of OPTICON products at competitive prices on Wish A POS.
Bluetooth Barcode Data Collector from OPTICON offers High-performance scanning with 2D Imaging Engine. This data collector has a compact structure and lightweight design that improves work-efficiency. This device has 2 key in total, along with a buzzer and a mini USB port. It is available in black color variant and USB interface on our online retail store for Australia wide delivery.
Opticon Handheld CCD Scanner is quick and intuitive with modern design. Handheld scanners improve efficiency and data management of all types of business. These devices are Ultra-lightweight, yet solid scanner that can withstand drops up to 1.5 meters onto concrete. You can find a large collection of Handheld CCD Scanner available in USB, RS232 and Keyboard Wedge interface on