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Intermec is the well-known Biesse Group company that specializes in scanner kit, data cables, and multi-dock battery technologies. The brand was established in the year 1987 by Giancarlo Selci. Since then, the brand has managed to achieve a higher position in the sectors it operates in. The brand continuously strives for improvement by investing in all elements that support innovation and modernism. The main goal of this top brand is to achieve product and service excellence. A complete check on the quality of the product is maintained by the control system for smooth-functioning in industrial processes. It makes sure that each machine undergoes an average 160 checks in order to simulate the most challenging working conditions.

Intermec Multidock Battery 4-BAY SR61/IP30 is available on Wish A POS that has the capability to Charge SR61 batteries more effectively than other battery chargers. It consists of order power supply & power cord (CAIEC) separately. If you are looking for this product for Australia wide delivery at nominal prices then you are at the right place. Check out our extensive range of products that offer durability and reliability.

Intermec Scanner Kit SF61B 2D is compatible with Interfaces that come with Intermec terminals and personal computers. This device gives a complete choice of linear imager, area imager, or standard range laser scan options for Easy configuration and personalization. It is built with a high-quality structure that offers Industrial durability and stands up to rugged environments. For more details, visit and connect with our customer support system.