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Seiko Epson Corporation, commonly known as Epson is one of the largest printer manufacturing company in the world. Epson is a Japanese based company that is extremely popular for building computer printers. The company has been producing inkjetimpact and direct thermal printers for over years.

Founded by Suwa, Nagano Prefecture in 1942, Epson introduced numerous subsidiaries worldwide and is recognised to be a global leader of printers, scanners components. Products from Epson are suitable for retail outlets, warehouses, healthcare companies and other countless organizations. Epson also manufactures printer accessories such as print heads, ink cartridges, and Wi-Fi adapters. If you have been looking for dynamic Epson products for general and industrial purposes, then we have you covered.

Epson has an astounding of printers that comes with popular interfaces such as Bluetooth, Ethernet, Parallel, Serial, USB, and Wi-Fi. They also have an auto cutter and no cutter options that contribute towards fast and versatile printing up to 300mm/second. All products from this brand come with low power consumption feature that improves work-efficiency. Buy receipt printers from Epson brand on Wish A POS at competitive prices.

The Epson Receipt Printers are being used world over in retail outlets, restaurants, fast food chains, libraries, supermarket and other countless number of businesses. Epson TM-T88V Receipt Printer is a top selling printer that is used by various retail outlets around the globe. Besides producing receipt printers, this company also manufactures printer accessories such as printheads, ink cartridges and Wi-Fi adapters.

Wish A POS has a wide range of Epson products that are available for Australia wide delivery. Speak to our customer care reps for more information.