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Datalogic has been recognized worldwide for manufacturing barcode scanners for rugged use and imager based scanners. The company’s scanning technology is used in many parts of the globe at airports, checkout points and for office purposes. This company is reputed for designing the most creative barcode reader, mobile computers, laser marketing systems and vision systems.

Datalogic specializes in Automatic Data capture and Industrial Automation that are required in retail outlets, warehouses, transportation facilities and healthcare units. Most of the company’s scanners come with the Green Spot technology that enables the user to be notified as and when the barcode has successfully been read. The Star Cordless System is one of the patent model by Datalogic that offers seamless mobility to the user irrespective of the Wi-Fi structure.

A few popular scanners include QuickScan Series, PowerScan Series and the Gryphon Series. Wish A POS stocks a large collection of Datalogic scanners that are available for Australia wide delivery.