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CHERRY was commenced operations in 1953 and then on become a global leader in the development and manufacture of micro switches, sensors, electronic controls, and touch controls. Products from CHERRY are based on infrared technology. The company specializes in input devices such as wireless mouses, keyboards, and keyboard peripherals. CHERRY produces an extensive range of high-quality devices that offer durability and reliability. These products can be found in a broad range of applications and markets such as general use, retail stores, industrial operations, switch-gear, control engineering and power tools.

CHERRY MW-2900 Washable Mouse
This Washable 3 Button Optical Mouse comes with Scrolling Buttons that are ideal for Industrial and eHealth applications. It is built with unique Compact design, that is best suited for right- and left-handed users. This device has Completely sealed silicone-based casing that can be wiped easily. It is impervious to liquid, sand, and dust thus making it durable and reliable. Buy CHERRY MW-2900 Washable Mouse from Wish A POS at competitive prices.

CHERRY J86-4400 Vandal Proof Keyboard
Keyboard from CHERRY is widely used for Rugged purposes. It is a Stainless Steel Vandal-resistant Keyboard that comes with 67-key Layout and Integrated Trackball. The Key layout includes five internet-friendly and shortcuts keys. Find a large collection of CHERRY keyboard and mouse on for Australia wide delivery.