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Axeze is an Australia based brand that was established in the 1990’s. The company manufactures hands-free products for quick POS operations that are widely used by people specifically the aged and disabled. Being a manufacturer of RFID access control systems, it also resells a range of Bluetooth and biometric finger scanner. Axeze is recognised for dynamic facial recognition products. One of the major goals of this brand is to develop systems that enable potential clients to use one tag for a variety of tasks and sites. Wristband tags from Azexe are commonly worn by staff members to ensure accountability, keeping stock control tightened.

Axeze Wristband Leather With Disk comes with a larger transponder which is fixed to the outside of the wristband. Its leather material is tough and can be reused in all the rugged environment. You can find a large collection of wristbands from Azexe on Wish A POS at competitive prices. We stock wristbands in color variants like Black, Blue, Grey, Red, and White.

Proximity Reader from Azexe comes with USB Interface that is in conjunction with tags like wristbands, key-ring, watch or card that are worn by employees for security purpose. Users wearing tags are easily recognized when they come within the read range of the Proximity Reader. It also promotes Faster and more accurate processing of sales. Buy AXEZE Keyless Logon USB on for Australia wide delivery.