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Mobility is everything that you can think of in the scenario we are living in. Manufacturing and distribution companies are using mobile devices to simplify essential warehouse management tasks that can view important supply chain information in real-time.

Mobile Label Printers can be used in the warehouse, out in the sales field, or in the office to update information and view reports. Their adaptability makes the mobile solution a much-coveted solution among manufacturers and distributors, who don’t want to hide behind a stationary computer.

Mobile Label Printing solution not only helps you save time but also improves your label accuracy. They are portable and can go wherever your workers go around the unit. A quick printing solution is helping them print and apply barcode labels right on the spot. This process significantly reduces the time spent in labeling new products or inventory and gives your employees a free time to focus on more crucial warehouse management tasks. There are endless benefits of implementing a mobile label printing solution.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using Mobile Label Printers in a warehouse –

Complete the Packing Process and Finish Goods Faster

Workers can use mobile printing solution to immediately generate a new barcode label to identify the finished good when packaging of items has been completed. Barcode labels can be scanned using a smartphone to ensure proper placement in storage bins. When these items are being placed in the right location, the chances of picking the wrong item are reduced easily.

Everyone’s an Expert in Touch

Pointing at something you require is a reflexive gesture. Touchscreens have always been considered as instinctive devices.

Most people still don’t feel confident enough using a computer, but when it comes to touch applications, they can efficiently operate them without any hassle. It seems that using a touchscreen is as simple as pointing out something while a mouse and keyboard require some physical skills. Every user becomes an expert in using touchscreens as no experience is needed to operate them.

Fulfill and Track Shipments

Shipping operation can be managed by using mobile printing solution by warehouse workers. The barcode labels are used to verify the picking and packing of all items required to complete a customer’s order so they can label items with an order code before picking and packing. The whole process is to be done to ensure that the items are being properly placed with the correct shipment. With mobile printing solution linked to your ERP system, warehouse workers can scan shipments and determine if they are missing any item. Eventually, when the final order is completed, a mobile printer can be used to generate a label for shipment and tracking.

Simplify and Speed Up

Picking up the items and putting them away takes a lot of time. You not only have to verify that you are shipping the right product to the right customer, but also have to manage it promptly to not decrease the productivity. With mobile printing solution connected to your ERP or warehouse management system, your employees can be directed to the right pick route and receive specific put away and be picking up instructions.

Our Mobile Label Printer provides you an all-in-one warehouse management solution. It directs the users to the items they need to pick, look up for pertinent information about the item on their mobile device and print the label instantly with a click. Barcoding labels printed with mobile printing solution will save the putaway and pick a time in half and help companies achieve nearly cent accuracy as well.

Our line of Mobile Label Printers is put together to make your barcoding process easy and painless. With Mobile Printers, users can print barcodes with the click of a button without having to enter any information manually. Labels can also be customized for each user and sent to multiple printers. If you are interested in arming your warehouse staff with a mobile printing solution, visit our range of Mobile Label Printers at Wish A POS.


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