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Barcodes these days are found on any product or package produced. The most important invention of the 20th century, the simple collection of lines printed on a piece of paper is yet taken for granted and ignored.

The idea of barcoding was invented by Joseph Woodland. He wanted to create an automatic system for capturing product information. He created this in the form of a series of broad and thin lines. Later, he also came up with a barcode scanner that can read the broad and thin lines and the barcode was born.

There are many ways in which barcoding is changing the world and making life easier. To name a few –

DNA Barcoding Is Turning Into A Reality

The project of International Barcode of Life is advancing. It aims at compiling a catalog of all species of life on earth. In near future, the shoppers will be able to scan a red snapper using their smartphones or a dedicated DNA scanning device. This will make the process easier, smarter and more reliable. DNA barcoding will be helpful for conversationalists which are, in fact, being used by the researchers to track the mating habits of insects.

Barcode scanning is continuously growing and evolving. With the introduction of new technologies and inventions, barcode scanning continues to expand.

Made Fashion Become More Sustainable

Sustainable Fashion Coalition (SFC), which includes a third of the clothing and footwear market worldwide, is considering using a Quick Response (QR) coding system that allows customers to scan clothing labels to fetch information about the product they are purchasing.

The QR system and barcode system run on the same principles. Through QR system, customers get more information about their choices – the item’s origin and its environmental impact as well.

Keeping Inventories Became Easier & Accurate

Small businesses can probably survive by simply keeping the list of products. The primeval way of keeping the inventory is by counting every box and goods. A medium-sized grocery will take a day or two to keep a track of the inventory. Think about the big-sized brands, how much time they would take then to maintain a record of their inventories.

It was in 1974 when the barcode was first used commercially. Ever since all the small or medium or big sized brands are using this technology. A store manager just needs to scan a barcode to fetch all the information about a particular product.

With the introduction of barcoding, the manual listing of the products has disappeared. Barcoding has made inventories more accurate, minimizing the risk of business losses that could occur if any product would be missing from the inventory.

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