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Are you exploring options to buy a barcode scanner for your business? The market is full of countless barcode scanners to choose from, going with the one that is perfect for your business can be a little difficult. There are certain features that you must keep in mind while buying a barcode scanner for your business.

With an array of collections to choose from, one must keep in mind that a scanner that suits the nature of their business is the right choice. You may come across scanner that are built either built as per the environment they will be used in, connectivity they will provide, scanning capability they will render or more. Some may also offer quick scanning options for retail outlets and healthcare facilities.

Let’s look for the following features for any barcode scanner that you buy:

Wireless Barcode Scanners

Modern scanners emerged like a blessing to businesses, with the ability to scan barcode without being connected through the parent device through a wire. Going with wireless scanners works well for businesses that are collecting their data on a real time bases through a cloud. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection to support a scanner that can be connected to Wi-Fi.

Wireless barcode scanners also come handy for businesses that operate scanning through centralised system. In addition, these devices are extremely beneficial for business that require scanning for inventory management or in field work. Your staff member can easily scan all the data information from any place and transmit data on the cloud.

If a wireless internet connection is not supported by your organisation, you can simply go for Bluetooth Barcode Scanners that can be connected to your parent device through Bluetooth. These scanners are really easy to set up and operate.

Scanner with a Display Screen

There are majorly two categories of barcode scanners that you will find in the market in terms of display. You will find scanners that come with a display screen and the ones that don’t. Buying the right one completely depends on the requirement of your business.

Ascertain whether your business will need a scanner with a display screen or not. The scanner that do come with a display screen are helpful to view the transaction details instantly.

Mobile barcode scanner are a great example of scanner with a screen. These scanners are very popular for managing inventory in a warehouse or retail outlet. The best feature of these scanners is that they help in viewing information of product that are recorded.

It is not necessary to go for a barcode scanner with a display screen in particular. If you’re business doesn’t require a scanner with a screen, you can simply go for a scanner that provides simple scanning.

Regular scanners work very well for scanning products quickly and also require minimal training, thus saving time.

Wired Barcode Scanners

Corded barcode scanners are ever-green devices that have never failed in any business set up. Businesses have been collecting their data and recording their sales through wired barcode scanners from ages now. While buying these type of scanner, never overlook the interface of the device. Making sure that your scanner is compatible with your POS system is extremely important. You will be unable to connect your scanner to your point of sale system if it fails to connect through your system.

Rugged Scanners for Handy Usage

Does your business need a tough scanner that can be used in rugged environment. Heavy duty industries and warehouses usually go for scanner that are durable and require minimal maintenance. These scanners can mostly sustain the toughest temperature and are resistant to water. You also look for a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner that can provide complete mobility along with sturdiness. There are numerous options available to choose from, you just need to make the right choice.

Scanning Capability

This is one of the most important feature that you must never overlook while buying a barcode scanner. There are two kind of barcode scanner, in terms of scanning capability, that is available in the market right now. 1D barcode scanners are available in handheld, wireless, presentation and in-counter options.

1D barcode are the most commonly found barcodes around the world. These are usually stripes of black and white and that the barcode reads to record information.

2D barcode are complex designs that come with both vertical and horizontal data information. These barcodes are capable of recording information for over 2,000 words.

Scanner with Integrated GPS

This is one of most advanced features that has been integrated in barcode scanner currently. Nowadays, you can buy barcode scanners that can help you find the location of your products. These scanner come with a display screen that simply point at the location where your product is stored. This product is little expensive but is quite beneficial for inventory management. You will mostly find Bluetooth Barcode Scanners in this category.

It is imperative to explore all options while buying a barcode scanner and examine all the features. Wish A POS has an extensive range of barcode scanners that are available at the most affordable prices for delivery across Australia.


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