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Barcode scanners are the most neglected devices that we use every day in our daily business operations. Can you ever pictures yourself recording every transaction manually if a scanner is eliminated from your POS system? These small handy machines are a piece of good fortune especially for businesses that also have warehouses.

There are so many reason why a business can’t sustain without a barcode scanner. No matter what the size of your organisation, the fact that you can’t live operate without a scanner will always be true.

The advantages of barcode scanner are massive, and so is the investment. Let’s look at three reasons why you should be a proud owner of a barcode scanner:

Improving Scanning Speed Tremendously

Can you go back to time when keeping a record of all the inventory in your warehouse on thousands of paper sheets was a nightmare? We are obviously very lucky to be born in an era that produces technologies that make our lives easy on daily basis.

The much needed barcode scanners work wonders for warehouse employees by increasing their productivity incredibly. Scanning labels in your warehouse has become so much more simpler than the earlier time, when finding a label and marking them on your registers correctly was a lot of trouble.

With the advent of wireless barcode scanners, warehouse personnel enjoy mobile scanning as and when the inventory arrives. No more are they needed to pick up the inventory to a specified place for carrying out the scanning operation. KOAMTAC KDC-400 is great suggestion for a seamless scanning operation.

Eliminating the Scope of Errors 

However hard your warehouse staff work to get the number of inventory right, there would always be a loophole due to manual recording. Barcode scanners have simplified the managing of inventory without making lesser mistakes.

Getting the number right is not just important if you are appearing for a mathematics exam, inventory count is equally important. If your inventory count is incorrect, the possibility of incurring losses are much higher. A lot of businesses end up losing product to their staff member or customers due to theft. Integrating a barcode scanner to your POS system to maintain your inventory.

Fixing Your Inventory Count 

Like we discussed in the last segment, maintaining the right figures in your retail store and warehouse is a very important factor of running a successful business. This is only possible if you train your staff well to know your scanner. Scanners help reduce the possibility of errors that may otherwise occur if you manage your inventory manually.

You can only order items that you instantly need and order accordingly. In addition, scanners will help you figure out the products that most sell and the ones that don’t sell at all. Each time you place an order to your supplier, you can skim through the sales history of your outlet and order suitably.

If you own multiple stores or inventory, managing inventory will be a piece of cake. You can find out the exact location of your product and notify a customer accordingly. To carry out this operation, you will need a barcode scanner with a display. KOAMTAC KDC-400 is a scanner that can simply slide into your smartphone and scan product barcode to offer a display of your product location.

Tracking Your Inventory Has Never Been Easier

Barcode scanners have made it easier for employees to locate their product in a minute. If your business involves importing or exporting product in large quantities, tracking order is extremely difficult.

Imagine placing an order of 2000 shoes for your outlet and receiving only 1700. Counting products through a scanner is a lot more easier and also reduces the possibility of errors. You minimize the risk of receiving wrong and lesser order by incorporating a barcode scanner in your POS system.

It is easy to track shipment that are not very large in number, however, tracking large orders becomes very difficult. For instance; if you place an order for 80,000 t-shirt and receive 75,000 only, it will become very difficult to count every item manually. An inventory control system comes handy when a situation like this arises. An automated system will eventually help you minimize the risk.

There are a plentiful reason of buying a barcode scanner for your business, picking up the right one however is extremely important. You can find numerous options to choose from, make sure you go with the one that is compatible with your barcode, and POS system as well. Consult an expert if you must, before buying a scanner.


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