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Barcode Scanners are proving their ability to be amongst the asset list of a company. Barcode scanners are helping businesses every day to keep track of their assets, regardless of their nature and size.

Barcode technology was a little unaffordable for small businesses in the earlier times. However, with the advent of new technology, manufacturers have come up with barcode scanners that are much more affordable and can be used for small scale industries. Large scale and heavy duty industries that experience fast-paced and high-stress environment every day, are using the barcode technology ever since it came into existence. One of the best examples of a heavy duty scanner is CipherLab Barcode Scanner that simplifies the entire process of scanning items. Scanners like these have made it easier for businesses to improve the accuracy, the speed and efficiency of the employees to carry out the scanning process.

Let’s talk about three industries that use barcode technology to track their items to make sure that they are accurately managed and maintained even in harsh working conditions:

Emergency Industry

People who work in the emergency industries, especially healthcare facilities, are specialised in taking quick and efficient decisions when a disaster occurs. Maintaining necessary equipement on their emergency vehicles, such as handsaws, hand tools, hose adapters, and medical devices is compulsory in such industries.

The advent of barcode scanners shrinks the use of pen and paper to capture and record the equipment necessary for each vehicle. These scanners are utilized to manage assets in a better way to work safely in an emergency situation.

Manufacturing Industry

Unlike other industries, the manufacturing industry is more hazardous because the labour involved works in and around the machinery and equipment. Implementing a barcode technology in the organization ensures that the machinery and tools are  properly maintained. Using this asset tracking solution simply provides a safe environment for workers.

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare industry is known for always being in an emergency situation that needs attention on minute basis. Medical assets should be accurately managed and maintained to provide excellent care and protection to the patients. With the use of a barcode scanner, healthcare industries can easily track their assets and ensure they are in proper working order at all times.

Integrating a barcode scanner in a healthcare unit that provides a perfect asset tracking solution will only help in streamlining the operations and let the staff member focus on more important things than taking care of the equipment at all times. For instance, if the medical data in a hospital is not maintained, it could result in misdiagnosis or even in death of a patient. Use of barcode scanners help in operating their state-of-the-art diagnostic tools with accuracy.


Using a barcode scanner that is built for rugged purpose and offers really quick scanning, can help in making the inventory tracking and management for heavy duty and emergency industries simpler. Wish A POS stocks dynamic scanners such as CipherLab Barcode Scanner that enables businesses to manage their valuable assets regardless of the nature of the industry. This asset management solution has proven to a blessing  to instantly locate assets, eliminate time spent on searching for missing items and saving exorbitant amount of money that is unnecessarily spent on replacing lost assets.

Barcode scanners are known to be a verified solution that are durable enough to withstand the toughest environment possible. Visit Wish A POS to identify the new and improved range of barcode scanners. Feel free to speak to our customer care representatives to know more about barcode scanners for implementing barcode technology in your business today.


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