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Printers are the most essential part for most businesses and are quite indispensable. Despite the fact that many businesses are integrating electronic receipts in their sales operations, some customers still prefer receiving only printed receipts.

Star Micronics is among the oldest player in the POS industry and is highly regarded for the reliable and latest technology products it manufactures. Speaking of the printers, the Star TSP100 has taken the legacy forward to uphold the reputation of this brand in the market. This printer is capable of delivering faster printing solutions efficiently with the help of its ECO tools and advanced features that are supported with carbon offset program. This is a program that comes complementary with the printer which means that you don’t have to pay extra.

Despite the fact that it’s among the world’s fastest printer, it still uses 40 per cent less energy and power in comparison to its competitive devices. The best part is that if you are not using the printer, its artificial intelligence will switch the standby mode on and help in saving more energy. The time it takes to wake up from the standby mode is almost negligible which means that you are saving on energy but not compromising on the performance.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly device that helps you save paper, there are all the more reasons to consider this printer as part of your next POS purchase. In the same light, this is a sole printer in the world that saves up to 8mm paper on every receipt, making a huge different in overall consumption of your receipt paper. Also, your customers can choose to get an electronic receipt instead of a physical one with the help of its on-demand printing feature.

Being the only printer in the world that can connected via USB, this print comes with a special futurePRNT technology that provides an excellent UI and helps in viewing real time status of the prints and also the error alerts.

Let’s talk about the advanced features that this printer:

Easy installation

The trickiest part of using a printer is installing it. However, with The Star TSP100, installation is very easy. You can find multiple interface variants of this printer to gel with your existing POS system. You can go with the WLAN, USB, Bluetooth or Ethernet model that is easy to connect.

If you are going with Ethernet/LAN model, simply turn the power off and connect the printer with the ethernet cable, on the rear panel provided on the printer. Proceed by connecting the plugged in ethernet cable to the ethernet port of the router or wherever you are getting the network from (this can be a hub or directly a switch). The process of setting up your device will be complete as soon as you connect the power cord to the AC outlet. During this process, it is important to ensure that voltage of your printer matches the AC outlet.

Bluetooth models can be connected to iPads, smartphones and other tablets. You can set up the printer by simply adding it as one of the devices through settings. Make sure you switch the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on before setting up the printer. 

In case of the USB version, you can simply plug and play your printer. The serial number of your USB will be reflected on the device you are connecting your printer with.

The ease at which you can set this printer up is the main highlight for businesses all, including all retail stores, restaurants and cafes, grocery stores and more. Enjoy Plug&Play installation and save your valuable time.  

Effortless Maintenance:

This printer may offer a world full of features but maintaining it is extremely simple. You won’t need external help or a professional to clean your printer unless there is a technical glitch.

A clear indication that your printer needs cleaning is that you will notice blurred characters on your receipts as a result of dust accumulation. Cleaning your device periodically is the only effort that you will need to put in. Simply get rid of the dust that has piled up in the paper holder and also on the surface of printer.

You can also clean the thermal print head every six month to keep you printer up and running smoothly. To carry out this procedure, all you need to do is take soft cotton cloth, dip it in alcohol (or similar agents) and wipe of the surface of the thermal head. While doing so, make sure you only take a cotton swab, this part of the printer is very sensitive and you don’t want to scratch it. Also, keep in mind that cleaning right after printing is not a great idea.

For safety purposes, you may want to keep the process of cleaning the thermal head really gentle, there are chances of damage in case static electricity is produced. Also, keeping the printer off during the entire cleaning process can be a good idea. 

Cleaning the rubber roller is done is the same manner as cleaning the thermal head. Take a cotton swab and gently rotate the platen to remove the dust.

Added Features

Other than the highlighted features that we talked about in our introduction, this printer has more features to offer. Added features are like icing on the cake.

The Star TSP100 is only printer that comes with an inbuilt software, enabling users to print vouchers without integrating any external software, whatsoever.

The Re-design Tool is specially included as a part of this printer to allow users to make customisation to the default design of the receipts. You can remove the unwanted areas from your receipt by cropping them with the Receipt Cropping Tool or change the text with the Font Replacement Tool, all of this without tampering with the efficiency and speed of your printer.

The Coupon Marketing Tool is a great tool that empowers you to market your brand among existing customers. You can print coupons and vouchers on your receipt and hand it over to the customer at the check out counter. You can carry out this procedure by simply giving a trigger action command to your print. As soon the trigger action goes off, your printer will print as many coupons as you want at the bottom of all the receipts. To promote your brand, you can also print your logo and other promotional images on your receipts.

For users who like to mount their printer vertically can simply choose to print their receipts upside down for better readability. You can always go to settings and restore the default settings.

All these features can be implemented in all the printers you are using, irrespective of the number, by simply using the “mirror” option. You change the setting in one printer which will be implemented for all other printers in your premises.

Some of the features in this printer are specially designed to meet the requirement of retail and hospitality industry.

Strategic placement

By now we understand how precious this little piece of technology can be to your business. You may want to spend a few minutes resorting its placement. Do it before you unpack.

The primary objective should be placing your printer at a point where you can get the most from it. To avoid any damages, consider picking a point that is stable, surfaced and devoid of any vibration.

This one is common but is very important. Make sure your printer is close to the power plug for easy access to a connection that must also be very reliable. The power connection of your printer should be separate from other devices such as Air Conditions, heaters, refrigerators,  and more to avoid spikes caused by power. Similarly, keeping your other POS hardware, including the computer/laptop/cash register/barcode scanner, close to the printer can be helpful in connecting everything together.

For the reason that this printer is a thermal one, consider keeping it away from the sunlight. In fact, placing it at a distance from all the heat emitting sources will increase its life. Try to place your printer in a less humid place.

Integrating a dynamic printer like TSP100 is a blessing for any business, especially if it comes with a world full unimaginable features. Printers likes these are not only helpful in creating a good impression on the customers but also among your staff members. The energy they spend on fixing these printers, setting them up and maintaining them can be utilised elsewhere. The fact that these printers can keep going on for ages without demanding any service should make them one of the most lovable part of your POS system.

Your printers may not be a favourite part of your POS Hardware but they certainly are an essential part of your business.

Star TSP143III is the latest version of this printer that comes with even more enhanced feature that you may want to explore.


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