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Barcode scanners have evolved over the past decade in many ways to make our cash counter experience seamless. With so many options available to choose from, it becomes difficult to pick the right scanner to smoothen your day to day operations. This, however, was not the case a while ago. Buying a barcode scanner meant calling for a family of wires that run around your cash counter.

Choosing the right scanner for your business model may seem challenging, knowing certain features, however, can make the process simpler for you:

  1. Will you need a scanner for the industrial or general environment?
  2. How often will you use your scanner?
  3. What kind of barcodes will your scanner be reading?
  4. Will you require a wireless or a wired scanner?

Knowing exactly where and how your barcode scanner will be put to use, will make it easier to buy barcode scanner online. Let’s find out the type of barcode scanners that are available in the market right now:

A World Full of Options

If you have been looking out to buy a barcode scanner that perfectly suits your business requirement, look no further. Wish A POS has a range of barcode scanners that will help you shortlist the right one. Make sure you are aware of the features, the type of scan engine and the connectivity feature that your barcode scanner is built around. You will be able to find barcode scanners with these technologies:

Laser Barcode Scanner:

The laser barcode scanners are most commonly used by small-scale businesses that require cost-effective barcode scanning with limited range and 1D reading capability. You can find these scanners in majorly two categories, the standard range and extended range of reading barcodes. As the name suggests, standard laser barcode scanners can read within a limited range, up to 2 feet. The extended range scanners can scan a barcode that is 30-40 feet away.

Imager Barcode Scanner:

The Imager scanners are majorly categorized into Linear and Two-Dimensional Scanners. The linear imager scanners have emerged as a replacement to the laser scanners that read the one-dimensional barcode. The reason for the popularity of these scanners over laser scanners is that they provide a better range of scanning to the user and read barcodes that have either been erased or scratched.

The Two-Dimensional Imager scanners on the other hand efficiently read 1D as well as 2D barcodes. You can simply scan barcodes in any direction without aiming directly at the barcodes unlike laser or linear scanners. These scanners are gaining popularity in the industrial market because of their fast scanning capability.

Omnidirectional Imager Barcode Scanner

Businesses that require quick operations in a rugged atmosphere should go for omnidirectional barcode scanners. Supermarkets and warehouses have been using these scanners to increase the productivity on their cash counters. The best part of these scanners is that unlike most scanners, it doesn’t require to be held in hand.

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