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There are many things in your restaurant or café that don’t look as good but are really important to carry out daily operations.

Thermal receipt printers top the list, they probably aren’t the best looking thing at your outlet. However, the truth is that you can’t survive a day without these devices that probably don’t look the best but offer the most resilient and reliable services.

Thermal Receipt Printers are the most essential part of any business, irrespective of the nature of the industry. Businesses, especially retail ones, can’t function a day without having a full blown POS system by their side.

Let’s look at 8 things that we absolutely love about these thermal POS printers:

The Most Loved Printer

Thermal receipt printers are the most commonly found printer that most industries have accepted world-wide. This goes out to the fact that these devices deliver high quality prints, more quietly that any other printer available in the market.

Widely Accepted by Small/Large Businesses

Not only are these printers the most loved ones in their category, but they are also quite popular in the retail and hospitality industry. According to a survey, major receipts are printed through thermal receipt printers. Nearly every restaurant or café across the world uses a thermal receipt printer to hand out receipts to its customers.

Provides High-Speed Printing 

One of the main reason why businesses are inclined towards buying a thermal printer is the speed at which they print receipts. These devices are capable of printer over 20 lines in a second. This feature helps busy retail outlets and restaurants in saving time of the staff and enhancing customer experience.

Functions Without Ink 

Thermal printers don’t require ink to carry out the printing process. This feature makes it easier for the staff to endlessly operate on the cash counter without worrying about refilling the ink of the printer. Thermal receipt printers simply product heat from the print head that react to the thermal paper to print receipts.

Run on Low Maintenance

Thermal printers are extremely durable and reliable and can go on for months/years without needing any maintenance as such. This is mainly because these printers have fewer moving parts than other printers. These parts include a print head that plays a very important role in printing receipts, a rubber roller that presses the paper and a spring that presses the thermal head, forcing it to cause burn on the paper.

Evolving Since the Seventies 

Laser printing was a commonly used printing method before thermal printing technique came into existence. This method of printing receipts and other document became quite popular soon after its launch.

Thermal printing method was improvised in the 1990 and was used by very famous devices called fax machines.

Offer Wireless Printing with Wi-Fi Connectivity 

The new age thermal printers are replacing the traditional printers rapidly because of their advanced features. You can now enjoy flawless printing with advanced thermal printers that can be connected to Wi-Fi. What businesses absolutely love about the new features of these printers is the wireless connectivity that helps them get rid of all the cables.

Connectivity With Multiple Printers Available

You can now buy the Uber Eats Compatible Printer that not only connects to your application but also to the many printers available in your location. You can enjoy seamless printing through multiple printing options even if one of your printer malfunctions. Star TSP 143III is gaining popularity in restaurants and cafe’s around the world for providing effortless printing solutions. This printer is based on direct thermal printing method, offering high speed printing with Bluetooth connectivity.

Buy the Uber Eats Compatible Printer to seamlessly manage the POS system for your hospitality business from Wish A POS for delivery across Australia. Speak to our expert team to know more about thermal printers.


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